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Desktop Integration Package

The Desktop Integration Package (DIP) is a set of tools that brings the Coveo Platform power into your computer.

The DIP includes:

  • Indexing of files stored in your computer

    A user interface allows your to add to the Coveo unified index local personnel files and email archives stored on your computer or in private network folders. You can then search in their contents from Coveo search interfaces (see Specifying the Personal Folders to Index and Configuring Local and Archived Emails to Index).

    Tip: When personal files stored on your desktop or laptop computer are included in the Coveo unified index, you can search and view their contents from anywhere, even when your computer is turned off. This is possible because the Coveo unified index contains an HTML Quick View version of each document.

  • Desktop Searchbar

    The Desktop Searchbar floats on your Windows desktop. You open it by a click or the Windows logo key+C key stroke (Windows logo key+Shift+C in Windows 8), bringing the Coveo .NET or JavaScript (Desktop Integration Package 12.0.1840+ (June 2016)) search interfaces very close to where you work.

    From the Desktop Searchbar, you can search in your email messages, your contact information, your personal files (local or on a network), as well as in all contents that are indexed from multiple repositories within your organization (see Desktop Searchbar).

  • Outlook Sidebar

    The Outlook Sidebar brings the Coveo search box and search interfaces directly within Microsoft Outlook. In the Sidebar, you can search in your emails but also in all other indexed contents. The Sidebar also automatically presents people information and messages related to the currently selected email (see Outlook Sidebar).

The user interfaces of the Desktop Integration Package components (Desktop Searchbar and Outlook Sidebar) are available in several languages (see Supported Languages). The user interface language is selected automatically based on the Microsoft Windows language setting on your computer. English is used by default for all other languages.

Note: Before you can use the features of the DIP, it is recommended your Coveo administrator first configure a Desktop source in which the indexed content of your computer will be stored (see Desktop Connector) and centrally launch the installation of the DIP on all local computers (see Desktop Integration Package Deployment Overview).

You may see the DIP installer wizard appearing on your computer when your Coveo administrator launches the DIP installation or an upgrade (see Installing the Desktop Integration Package).

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