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Desktop Searchbar

On Microsoft Windows computers, the Desktop Searchbar is the most easily accessible Coveo access point.

Click to open the list of available .NET or JavaScript (Desktop Integration Package 12.0.1840+ (June 2016)) search interfaces
Click to select the desired .NET or JavaScript (Desktop Integration Package 12.0.1840+ (June 2016)) search interface (see About .NET Search Hubs and Search Interfaces)
Type the keywords to search (see Performing a Search)
Click to launch the search or press the Enter key

You can easily open the Desktop Searchbar using one of the following methods:

  • With a keyboard shortcut (hotkey) from anywhere by simultaneously pressing:

    • Windows logo key+Shift+C in Windows 8

    • Windows logo key+C in previous Windows versions.

  • By bringing your mouse pointer over the thin horizontal line floating at the top-center of your screen.


  • You can modify Desktop Searchbar default shortcut key combination (see Modifying the Desktop Searchbar Shortcut).

  • Coveo .NET Front-End 12.0.960– (September 2014) When the Desktop Searchbar is installed on a Windows 7 computer and you update the computer to Windows 8.x, for Coveo .NET Front-End versions prior to 12.0.992 (October 2014 monthly release), the default Windows logo key+C Searchbar shortcut key will no longer works. You must change the key combination to Windows logo key+Shift+C or another valid combination of your choice.

    Coveo .NET Front-End 12.0.992+ (October 2014) The shortcut key change is done automatically.

  • Desktop Integration Package 12.0.316+ (October 2013) You can modify the color scheme of the Desktop Searchbar (see Creating a Custom Color Scheme for the Desktop Searchbar in the Windows Registry).

Once a search is launched, the floating search results window appears as shown in the following example. The window disappears when you click a result link but when you reopen the Desktop Searchbar, the last query and results are still available, allowing you to easily come back to review other results.

Query Navigation buttons – Click to go to the previous or next query.
Separate Window button – Click to detach the current search results in a separate window allowing you to see results for more than one search result window at a time.
Close button – Click to close the floating search results window.
Search results (see Search Results)
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