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The following table presents definitions for terms and expressions relative to the Coveo Platform domain.

Term/Expression Definition
alternate URI Address used to open a document from a source or application other than one used for indexing.
audience A coherent group of users defined by an administrator having exclusive access to a search hub.
autocomplete A software application feature predicting and suggesting a word or phrase that a user is starting to type so he can select it to avoid having to type it all.
breadcrumb In a computer system, a series of sequential links identifying the location of an interface or a document in a hierarchy and allowing to navigate to parent locations. The term is a metaphor from the trail of breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel in the popular fairytale.
cluster Grouping of the most relevant search results by similarities to allow quick identification of pertinent documents on the same subject.
collection An index subdivision defined by an administrator consisting of a group of sources assembled around a theme, having its own security permissions.
concept In the context of the Coveo Platform, a significant term or expression extracted from the text of an indexed document to be used to improve search results ranking.
connector An application component that establishes a connection with a specific repository type to access and download its content to be indexed.
converter An application component that extracts content and properties from known format documents retrieved from repositories into a form that can be handled by the index.
crawler An application component that systematically browses a specific type of repository to retrieve its content to be indexed.
crawling Systematically browsing of a repository to retrieve its content to be indexed.
display field In a search interface, information from a field (typically type and value) visible for each search result.
document An item of content, such as Microsoft Office files, emails, web pages, blogs, pictures, sound files, and video files.
document type set Definition of which document types (PDF, HTML...) CES must index and how.
facet In a search interface, a filter made of a list of values for a given criteria allowing users to easily narrow search results.
field In the Coveo unified index, a container of structured data such as metadata extracted for documents of a repository.
field type set A group of fields indicating how CES must index the structured content of a repository.
filter/filtering In the context of search results, any query expression or facet selection contributing to narrow search results.
In the context of a source, an expression identifying a repository subsection for which content is included or excluded from the index.
impersonation Account which uses the security permissions of another account to gain access to restricted documents.
index A data structure that improves the speed of data retrieval operations on a one or more repositories.
keyword In an information system such as a search engine, a term used to refine the returned documents.
query In computing, a precise request for information retrieval using a search engine.
query completion In a search box, selectable completion suggestions are offered as a user types keywords, to help reduce typing and improve the search experience.
repository In computing, an information system containing documents of various types such as an email server, an intranet, or a database.
scope For a given search interface, the set of index collections in which search queries are performed.
script Piece of interpreted code used to extend behavior of a software application.
search field Field for which the content is searchable.
search hub A search access point, accessible to a given audience, offering one or more search interfaces.
search interface A user interface with composed of a search box, facets, and search results returned from a specific scope of a unified index.
security provider Authentication system that expands security groups to users and maps permissions from one repository type to another.
skin In the context of Coveo .NET Front-End, folders containing the ASP.NET templates which define the structure of the search interfaces.
sort field Field for which the content can be used to sort search results.
source An index subdivision defined by an administrator generally consisting of a coherent group of documents that must all be from a single repository.
thesaurus A set of synonym relationships defined by an administrator to expand matching keywords to improve findability.
unified index One or more indexes providing access to content from numerous repositories of an enterprise.
user identity Encrypted CES record of account credentials (such as username and password) needed to gain secured access to a repository.
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