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Mobile Access Points

The Coveo Platform comes with two search interface frameworks (JavaScript and .NET) that offer interfaces optimized for the small display sizes of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can therefore search and access your enterprise knowledge from wherever you work using your mobile devices.

iPhone iPad Android

The following table presents various mobile options offered to you by the Coveo Platform.

Framework Mobile browser-based search
JavaScript For all supported OS [more]
.NET For all supported OS [more]

The following table outlines the supported mobile operating systems and versions for the various mobile search solutions.

Device type Browser-based

iPod Touch




The following table outlines the mobile search features.

Features Browser-based search
Basic search
Quick View
Result grouping

Tip: When the content of your desktop or laptop computer is indexed, from your mobile device, you can also search and refer to documents and emails stored on your computer, even when your computer is turned off or is offline. This is possible because the Coveo unified index contains a Quick View version of indexed documents, allowing you to view their content without having to open the actual document.

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