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Performing a Search

The Coveo Platform is a keyword search engine. The engine looks for the keywords that you type in the search box in the unified index to find documents containing these keywords.

To perform a search

  1. Open a Coveo access point such as the Desktop Searchbar shown below (see Coveo Access Points).

    Click to open the list of available .NET search interfaces
    Click to select the desired .NET search interface
    Search box
    Launch search button
  2. Select the .NET search interface in which you want to perform your search (see About .NET Search Hubs and Search Interfaces).

    Note: The available .NET search interfaces depend on the Coveo Platform configuration in your organization.

  3. In the search box, compose your query.

  4. Launch the search by pressing Enter or clicking the search button next to the search box.

    Note: When you launch the search and the search box is empty, the @uri query is performed, returning all documents.

  5. Review the results (see Search Results).

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