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Receiving Updated .NET Search Results through a RSS Feed

RSS (acronym for Really Simple Syndication or for Rich Site Summary) identified by the icon, is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. With a RSS feed, you can easily stay informed by retrieving the latest content from the sites you are interested in, saving time by not needing to visit each site individually.

Example: News-related sites or blogs often publish their content as an RSS feed for whoever is interested.

You can read feeds you received from RSS feeds to which you subscribed in a feed reader or news aggregator software such as a browser (for example in Internet Explorer). With the Coveo .NET Front-End, you can subscribe to a RSS feed for a specific query expression so that you can automatically receive updates when the search results for the specific query expression change.

Note: The RSS feed feature is optional and is available only when your Coveo administrator enables it for the specific .NET search interface (see Activating Search Interface Options With the .NET Interface Editor). The Coveo administrator can also set the RSS feed refresh rate (see Specifying the RSS Feed Parameters With the .NET Interface Editor).

To receive updated .NET search results through a RSS feed

  1. Perform a search for which you want to receive updated search results.

  2. At the right end of the search box panel, click RSS .

    The Search Results for page appears.

  3. Click Subscribe to this feed.

  4. In the dialog box that appears corresponding to your feed reader software (for example Internet Explorer):

    1. In the Name box, enter or modify the name that you want to see representing this feed in your feed reader software.

    2. In the Create in drop-down list, select an existing folder or click New folder to create a new folder in which you want to receive the feeds for this query.

    3. Optionally select the Add to Favorites bar check box to add a link to this feed in your favorites.

    4. Click Subscribe.

  5. In the message that appears to confirm the successful subscription to this feed, click View my feeds to see the content of your feeds.

    Note: Refer to your feed reader software documentation to learn how to read and how to unsubscribe from a RSS feed.

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