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Search Results

Once you enter one or more keywords and launch the search, the Coveo Platform returns all the pertaining results that were found. Standard search interfaces come with a configuration of search results that is optimized for the search interface purpose or theme.

The following figure illustrates the main elements of the .NET search results page.

Facets with which you can easily refine results (see About Facets)
Search results information and controls (see Search Results Controls and Links)
Mini-results from .NET search interfaces other than the current search interface (see About Mini-Results in .NET Search Interfaces)
Results for the current search interface (see Email Result Example and File Result Example).
Links to the other search results pages

When you open a search interface, the page may appear empty or already show search results, even when the search box is empty. A search interface initially shows results when a hidden query is associated to the interface (see Viewing the Extended Underlying Query). When all results cannot appear in one page, page links appear at the bottom of the results page so you can view them, page by page.

Note: Your Coveo administrator can customize the search results configuration and even create new search interfaces with custom search results elements. Consequently, the search results elements presented in this topic may differ from the ones you see in your workplace.

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