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Searching a Phrase

You probably encounter cases where you want to find documents containing a specific phrase, sentence, or sequence of terms, not sparse occurrences of the keywords throughout the documents. You can use a phrase match query syntax to find such documents. Phrase search is not case-sensitive.

To search for documents containing a specific phrase or sentence

  • In the search box, type the phrase, sentence, or term sequence that you want to find, surrounded by quote marks, and then click Search.


    "financial statements of the United Oil company"

    Only documents containing the exact phrase or sentence are returned, NOT documents containing sparse or shuffled occurrences of the keywords.

    Note: You can use strait (" ") or various pairs of left and right quote marks (such as “ ” or « ») to enclose phrases.

  • Alternatively, type any of the contiguity operators (. : / \ _ - ') between keywords for which you want to only find contiguous occurrences.




    is equivalent to searching "financial statements of the United Oil company".


    financial_statements United_Oil

    is equivalent to searching "financial statements" "United Oil". Only documents containing contiguous occurrences of the exact words financial and statements AND contiguous occurrences of the exact words united and oil are returned.

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