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Searching Information Related to a Specific Email

With the Outlook Sidebar, you can quickly get information related to the currently selected message in Microsoft Outlook. This message can be located in your Inbox, in any subfolder, or even in an archive.

When you select a message, the Outlook Sidebar automatically searches and displays all the information available on the sender/recipient, the messages exchanged with this person, and all the shared documents (attachments). When the person is found on one or several contact lists (Outlook contacts, SharePoint, Salesforce – a CRM application, or Active Directory), you can also open the corresponding contact information by clicking the appropriate icons.

Note: To be able to search through archived messages, the archive files must be included in the Coveo unified index (see Configuring Local and Archived Emails to Index).

To get information related to a specific email

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, click the message for which you want to search information.

    The Outlook Sidebar automatically displays available information on the sender/recipient and shows a list of all the messages that have been exchanged with the sender/recipient. Messages are sorted from the most recent to the less recent.

    Sender/recipient information – Information found in the current .NET search interface about the sender/recipient of the selected message
    Messages exchanged with the sender/recipient.
    Links to other result pages
    Contact information link – Click to open available contact information documents in various systems (Outlook contact card, SharePoint My Site page, Salesforce contact,...).
    Attachments tab – Click to see all attachments for the current results
    Gray highlight – Identifies both the sender/recipient and the selected message.
    Blue highlight – Identifies both the sender/recipient and the message for which an overview is displayed when bringing the pointer over the message line.
    Message overview
  2. To open a message from the search results, simply click the line corresponding to the message.

  3. To display an overview of a message, simply bring the pointer over the line of the message.

    The line is highlighted in blue, and a message overview popup window appears.

  4. To view all the messages related to an email thread, click the arrow icon () preceding the title of the message.

    Note: Coveo .NET Front-End 12.0.1720+ (December 2016) When your organization has implemented the Coveo JavaScript Search Framework version of the Outlook sidebar, 5 emails appears when you click the arrow icon. Click the Show All Replies link to show the entire email thread.

    The email thread summary expands to show more information.

    Number of emails and attachments in the email thread
    All the messages in the email thread
    Link to all the attachments contained in the email thread
  5. To view all the documents that have been shared with the sender/recipient of the message, click the Attachments tab.

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