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Searching with Keywords in the Outlook Sidebar

Even if you are in Microsoft Outlook, you can always search through other .NET search interfaces such as contact information, files (local or on a network), SharePoint, Salesforce, etc.

Note: The availability of the .NET search interfaces depends on the configuration of the system that your Coveo administrator has defined.

To search with keywords in the Outlook Sidebar

  1. At the bottom of the Outlook Sidebar, click the bar or the icon corresponding to the interface on which you want to base your search.

  2. At the top of the Outlook Sidebar, type the desired expression in the search box.

  3. Click at the right of the search box or press Enter to launch the search.

    The results corresponding to the searched keywords appear.

    Search box – Type the keywords or expression to search for
    Search button – Click to launch the query
    More link – Click to view more contacts entries (Email and People .NET search interfaces only)
    Attachments tab – Click to see all attachments from the search results
    Refine link – Click to access the available facets when you want to refine the search
    Searched keywords appear highlighted in the results
    Available .NET search interfaces – Click to select the desired interface

To refine your search

  1. Click Refine.

    The available facets appear, hiding the results.

  2. Use the facets to refine the search results (see Refining Search Results Using Facets).

  3. Click < Back to Results to see the new set of refined results.

  4. If you are not happy with the results you can either:

    1. Click Clear to revert to the original results (and remove all selections and exclusions from all facets). 


    2. Click Refine to modify the filter.

    Tip: To avoid switching back and forth between the facets and the results view, click to transfer your search to the Desktop Searchbar window where you can see the results and the facets side by side.

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