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Searching Within Results in .NET Search Interfaces

The Search Within Results link optionally appears in Coveo .NET Front-End search interfaces below the search box panel and above the facets. The purpose of the search within results filter is to refine a current query by adding expressions. In other words, you only search within the results list obtained from the previous query.


To search within results in a .NET search interface

  1. After performing a query for which you want to refine the results, click the Search Within Results link located below the search box panel and above the facets.

    The search box is cleared and a message appears below the search box panel to indicate that the displayed results are restricted to the previous query.

    Search Within Results link
    A search within results message
  2. In the search box, enter the desired expression to refine the results, and then click Search.

  3. Review your refined results.

    The search within results filter stays active for subsequent queries so that you can continue to add expression and refine results further.

  4. Click the [Clear All] link that appears at the end of the message to deactivate the search within results filter.

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