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Useful Field Query Examples

The following table presents a few field query examples that you may find useful. They take advantage of field aliases for which the query syntax is simpler than with fields (see Available Field Aliases).

Field alias Example description


Finding documents exchanged with a person

You can refine results to email and conversation items exchanged with a person using the @to and/or @from field queries. This refinement can also be done using the To and From facets but it may be faster to simply type the field query.

Example: @to=frank finds all documents sent to a person with frank in its name.
Similarly, @from==jsmith finds all documents received from a person whose user name is jsmith.

Note: You can also use the following syntax to:frank where the @ character is not needed when using the : operator rather than the = operator (see Using Special Characters in Queries).

date Finding documents created or modified within a given time range

Using the @date field query, you can easily refine results to documents that where created or modified during a specific time range (see Date/Time Operators).

Example: @date>=now-4h finds all documents created or modified within the last 4 hours .
@date=2010/01/01..2010/12/31 finds all documents created or modified within the year 2010.

containsattachment Finding documents with attachment

Example: You may want to search for a document that you know contains an attachment. @containsattachment finds all documents containing one or more attachments.

uri Finding the total number of documents available from a search interface

You may want to know how many documents are available in the Coveo unified index from a given search interface to grasp the scope of the indexed content. You can easily do this using the @uri field query that returns all documents to which you have access in the context of the current search interface.

Enter the @uri field query.
Read the total number of results to which you have access.
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