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Using Query Completions

The Coveo search boxes can feature query completions to help reduce query typing and suggest relevant queries or search results that you can immediately select. The typed string matches the beginning of words anywhere in the suggestion, thus maximizing the probability to quickly find an appropriate suggestion.

Example: In an online help system, query completions can suggest a list of available topic titles.

Your Coveo administrator can activate/deactivate query completions independently for each .NET search interface and configure the source for the completions (see Configuring Query Completions in .NET Search Boxes). A developer can configure query suggestions in the OmniBox of a JavaScript search interface (see Providing Suggestions for the OmniBox).

Queries can be completed from one or more of the following sources:

  • A file containing a list of suggestions (such as document titles)

  • Search history (when the Usage Analytics Module is activated (see On-Premises Usage Analytics Module))

  • For email search, sender/recipient names using the field aliases (to:, from:, cc:, bcc:)

  • List of available fields and list of their values

To use query completions

  1. In a Coveo search box featuring query completions, start typing the first characters of a term of interest.

    Matching suggestions immediately appear below the search box, with the typed characters highlighted in each suggestion. Suggestions containing the typed characters in the first word appear at the top.

    Example: In the My Emails .NET search interface, to find messages received from or sent to a person, type one of the field aliases (to:, from:, cc:, bcc:), and then the beginning of the name or first name of the sender/recipient. The matching sender/recipient names appear.

  2. When needed, continue typing more characters to dynamically refine the suggestions until you find a more appropriate suggestion.

  3. To select and launch a query completion:

    • Press the Tab key to select the first suggestion, and then press Enter.

      Note: CES 7.0.5785+ (August 2013) Support for the Tab key selection.


    • Click a suggestion.


    • On the keyboard, use the vertical arrow keys to highlight the desired suggestion, and then press Enter.

  4. To select and edit further a selection:

    1. On the keyboard, use the vertical arrow keys to highlight the desired suggestion, and then press Tab.

    2. In the search box:

      1. When you want to erase the last term, on the keyboard, press the Ctrl-Backspace keys.

      2. When you want to clear the search box, click the x at the end of the search box.

    3. Press Enter or click the Search button to launch the edited suggestion.

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