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Using the Quick View

By default the Coveo Platform creates and keeps an HTML copy of indexed documents in the unified index. In the search results, you can click the Quick View link for a document to rapidly open its HTML copy in a window where you can instantly locate highlighted searched terms in the text and using the assisted navigation, review other search results documents.

Using the Quick View is an efficient method to rapidly find information or the document that you are looking for. When you need to see the document with images you can easily open it in the original application.

Note: The procedure below shows the .NET search interface Quick View, but the JavaScript search interface also offers a Quick View with very similar features.

To quickly review the content of one or more search results documents

  1. Perform a search.

  2. In the search results, identify a result for which you want to quickly review the content of the document, and then click the corresponding Quick View link.

    Note: No Quick View is available in search results for a copy protected document (such as a PDF) to prevent showing its content in a context where users can make a copy. When the Quick View is missing for specific documents, your Coveo administrator can verify if the documents are identified as copy protected in the index (see Reviewing Document Details from the Index Browser).

  3. In the document window that appears, use the controls described in the following example to navigate within the document and between search results documents.

    Click the desired keyword to instantly navigate through occurrences of the keywords that are highlighted with a specific color in the document.
    Click Open to open the document in its native application.
    Click Detach to open the HTML document in a web browser to access features such as printing.
    Click Next / Previous to view the next or previous search result without leaving the Quick View window.
    Click Other Results to select which result to view, from the list of available search results, without leaving the Quick View window.

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