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Viewing Search Result Details in .NET Search Interfaces

Each search result contains a number of elements that help you to quickly grasp the content of the document. In .NET search interfaces, the Details link, generally appearing on a line with other links, provides more information about the document while staying in the search results page.

Note: The Details link is available by default in many out-of-the-box Coveo .NET search interfaces, but can be disabled by your Coveo administrator together with other contextual commands (see Activating Search Interface Options With the .NET Interface Editor).

To view search result details in .NET search interfaces

  1. In the search results, click the Details link for the desired search result.

    The Summary panel expands to present an extended summary made of key sentences and a list of concepts (in green) extracted from the document.

  2. Click the Properties tab to view metadata available for this document.

    Example: You want to know when a document was last modified and when it was last indexed. In the Properties panel, look at the value for the Modified date and Indexed date metadata.

  3. Click Hide Details to close the details panel.

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