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Viewing the Extended Underlying Query

You can view the extended query that is sent to the Coveo index server. The extended query is built behind the scene to combine filters for the searched terms typed in the search box, expressions generated by facets, advanced search fields, if applicable hidden filters associated with the search interface, built-in filters, skins, etc.

Note: The presence of the Link Query Link icon icon in search interfaces is disabled by default. Your Coveo administrator must enable this feature (see Displaying the Query Link Icon in a .NET Search Interface).

To see the extended underlying query

  1. Depending on the type of search interface: 

    • For a .NET search interface, click Link Query Link icon at the right end of the search box panel.

      A panel appears showing the link to the current query as well as the complete query text expression.

      Query Link dialog box

    • For a JavaScript search interface, click the wrench icon and then select Share Query.

      A panel appears showing the Link and Complete Query expressions.

  2. Use the expression found in Complete query to review the extended query sent to the index server.

  3. When you want to easily share the current query results with colleagues who have access to the same search interface:

    1. Copy the text string found in Link to this query (Link for a JavaScript search interface).

    2. Send the copied link to your colleagues.

      A colleague receiving and pasting this text string in the address bar of a browser will see the search results available to him in the same search interface for the same search terms, and with the same facet settings.

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