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What Is a Quick View?

A Quick View is an HTML copy of a document created by the Coveo Platform and kept in the unified index. Its purpose is to speed up document access and reading. A Quick View opens faster than the actual document because the HTML format is smaller and opens in the already opened browser, not in the document native application.

You can display the Quick View for a document by clicking the Quick View link appearing under in the result excerpt.

In a Quick View window, you can easily navigate to each occurrence of keywords to rapidly determine if the document contains what you are looking for (see Using the Quick View).

Note: No Quick View is available in search results for a copy protected document (such as a PDF) to prevent showing its content in a context where users can make a copy. When the Quick View is missing for specific documents, your Coveo administrator can verify if the documents are identified as copy protected in the index (see Reviewing Document Details from the Index Browser).

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