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What's New - Feature Spotlight

Note: You can also refer to the new features of interest to administrators (see What's New - For Coveo Platform Administrators and Coveo Platform New Features of 2014 for Administrators).

Tag Search Results

You can now tag documents in search results in a Coveo JavaScript Search interface. Your Coveo administrator must add the control to search interfaces and can also add a Tag facet to allow you to filter by your tags.

Choose a SharePoint Search Scope

Your SharePoint administrator can define search scopes in SharePoint to allow you to easily choose the scope of SharePoint documents returned when you launch a query directly in SharePoint or from a Coveo .NET Front-End search interface, using the Search In facet. [more]

Save Facet Configuration

For a Coveo JavaScript Search interface, you can now select the Save this facet state option from the facet menu to save selected facet values as the default ones to use whenever you reload the search page. This feature is useful to prevent having to always make the same facet selections that you prefer for a given search interface.

Customize Search Interface Preferences

In a Coveo JavaScript Search interface, you can now access the Preferences panel where you can configure how to open results and create one or more filters. [more]

Select Facet Value Sort Criteria

The facets of the Coveo JavaScript Search interfaces now offer more sort options. You can select to order facet values by the number of Occurrences, the Score, or the Label either in Ascending or Descending manner, whichever best fits your purpose.

Select a Facet Range With a Slider

Your Coveo JavaScript Search interface can include facets with ranges that you can easily select by dragging either end of a slider or by selecting one or more graph bars.

More Easily Read Dynamic Range Facet Values

In Coveo .NET Front-End search interfaces, facets presenting size or currency data now show automatic range values with units to make them easier to read.

For example, in a File Size facet, size ranges are presented in megabytes (MB).

Easily Locate Highlighted Keywords in Quick View

In the Coveo JavaScript Search Quick View, each matching searched keyword is now highlighted with a background color. You can even click highlighted keyword arrows to instantly jump to the next keyword occurrence, making it easier to quickly identify the keyword occurrence contexts and validate the document pertinence.

Enjoy the Cleaner Email Result Template Look

In the Coveo JavaScript Search, the default email result template has been reworked to provide a cleaner and roomier look. For example, to minimize distractions when you review email results, Quick View links appear only when you hover over them.

Show/Hide the Outlook Sidebar

The Coveo Sidebar integrated in Microsoft Outlook can now be quickly collapsed to a reduced width and expanded back to its original size from a new control in the redesigned Coveo ribbon. The Coveo Sidebar Expand/Collapse control can also be added to the Home ribbon for an even easier access. [more]

Get More Relevant Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai Search Results

When your global organization manages content written in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Thai (CJKT), search results for documents in these languages can now be more relevant.

The Coveo Platform can now identify inseparable groups of CJKT characters, or CJKT words, and index them rather than individual characters to preserve word meaning and return more relevant documents. [more]

Search Google Drive Content

You can now search your Google Drive documents with Coveo.

Using the Google Drive connector, your Coveo administrator just needs to bring the Google Apps content of your organization into the Coveo unified index. [more]

Get Related Results

Related Results panels present relevant documents from other Coveo .NET Front-End search interfaces. They conveniently expand the scope of your search so you do not have to manually repeat the query in other search interfaces. [more]

Your Coveo administrator can configure Related Results panels independently for each search interface to offer insights from complementary sources. [more]

Get Query Suggestions

When your query returns no results or only a few ones, the Coveo .NET Front-End search interfaces now propose alternate query suggestions that return more results. [more]

Take Advantage of the Filter Summary

A filter summary control now appears at the top of the search results when they are filtered by one selected facet elements or other filers such as those from the advanced search page.

You can review the content filter summary to quickly grasp the scope of all search results refinements and easily remove specific filters. [more]

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