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Coveo Platform 7 Introduction - .NET Search Interface New Features

When introduced in mid-2012, the Coveo Platform 7 out-of-the-box .NET search interfaces were revamped with the following new or improved features.

New Look and Feel

Redesigned Facets

  • Easy selection of multiple items with check boxes (see Refining Search Results Using Facets)

  • Search box appearing to easily find and select hidden items from matching suggestions (see Selecting more facet values using the search box)

  • Buttons to show/hide ( / ) inactive items

  • When selecting or excluding a facet item, the facet background color changes lightly (rather than moving to the top of the facet zone)

  • Improved look with rounded corners and shading

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Query Completion in Search Boxes

A Coveo search box can propose query suggestions that appear as a drop-down list below the search box. The suggestions dynamically match typed keywords to allow users to pick an appropriate query (see Using Query Completions).

Your Coveo administrator can activate and configure the query completion to be taken from one or more sources like from a file, from search history, email fields, or specific fields (see Configuring Query Completions in .NET Search Boxes).

Note: The Coveo Platform 7 also comes with many new back-end features (see What's New - Coveo Platform 7 Introduction).

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