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About Coveo Cloud V2 Entitlement Metrics

Defined limits are outlined in each customer's license agreement. The Coveo Cloud Platform monitors multiple metrics related to query usage by end users. The usages fall into four categories:

  • Queries originating from a search page on a public-facing or anonymous site

  • Queries originating from an authenticated user on an internal facing site

  • Queries that are used to display static content on a non-search page

  • Queries that are used to show personalized recommendations on a website

The entitlement rules for each of the usages differs in many ways. The following sections describe each of the usage categories.

License Limit Reports

All license measurements are reported in the Settings section of the Coveo Cloud V2 administration console. Measures include, but are not limited to, number of sources, queries per month, recommendations per month, total number of included items, and active users.

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