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Coveo Cloud V2

The new Coveo Cloud V2 is a fully scalable native enterprise-class cloud service that can meet today's and tomorrow's enterprise requirements for intelligent search. Coveo Cloud V2 embraces the concepts of micro-services and scalability allowing you to easily expand your search solutions at the speed of your business.

Coveo Cloud V2, introduced in 2016-Q2, is a replacement for Coveo Cloud V1, the original cloud offering (see Coveo Cloud V1 and V2 Compared).

Coveo Cloud V2 enables organizations to:

  • Easily and securely unify data from disparate cloud and on-premises sources across the IT ecosystem.

  • Create ubiquitous search experiences wherever people work.

  • Recommend the most relevant insights from everywhere directly into the context of customers and employees.

Coveo Cloud V2 exclusive features:

Note: The Coveo Cloud V2 administration console comes with contextual help that you can access as follows:

In the administration console:

  • Clicking the help icon next to a page title.

  • In the header, click the user menu, and then click Documentation.

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