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Previewing your Coveo Cloud V1 Organization in Coveo Cloud V2

You can have a sneak peek of what your Coveo Cloud V1 organization could look like once it is fully migrated to Coveo Cloud V2. You can request your Coveo customer success manager to send you an invitation to a preview of your actual organization in Coveo Cloud V2. This preview allows you leverage some Coveo Cloud V2 capabilities before your organization migration.

Coveo Cloud V1 and V2 share the following Coveo Cloud services:

  • Usage Analytics

  • Query Pipelines

  • Coveo Machine Learning

Once invited in the Coveo Cloud V2 organization, you will be able to access the latest version of usage analytics which contains an improved user interface when reporting, new dashboard templates, an easy way to create sets of filters for reuse, a feature that allows you to review irregular events, and the following new report card types:

  • Notes

  • Bubble Chart

  • Time Series Dimension

You will also have access to the latest Coveo Machine Learning features, which include side-by-side live model testing and analysis (available this summer), custom model display names, and a single convenient place to review advanced details and maturity level of your models.

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