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Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 - Release Notes

This topic summarizes the new or improved features as well as fixed support cases included in each Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) monthly release (see À propos du cycle de parution de la Plateforme Coveo).

June 2015 - v 7.0.7711

New Features
Administration Tool - Prevent user to create fields with reserved alias name [more]
Administration Tool - Prevent user to create fields with alias name
Amazon S3 - New connector [more]
Dropbox for Business - New connector [more]
Dynamics - Enable user to refresh single entities
[Dynamics] Enable connector to support Delete Document operation
[Dynamics] Enable connector to support Delete Folder operation
[Dynamics] Enable connector to support Refresh Document operation
[Dynamics] Enable connector to support Refresh Folder operation
Dynamics - Incremental refresh supports attachment
[Dynamics] Connector supports Sales Literature and email attachment
[Dynamics] Fetch entities with attachment with RelatedEntities
[Dynamics] Refactor GetRecord in connection
[Dynamics] Support incremental refresh of attachments
[Dynamics] Supports incremental refresh of email attachment
[Dynamics] Supports incremental refresh of Sales Literature attachment
Dynamics - Proper support of KB Articles
[Dynamics] Basic support of KB Articles
[Dynamics] Support of KB Articles comments
Gmail for Work - New connector [more]
Jive - Support mapping to Email security [more]
[Jive] Members added in permissions have their Email
[Jive] The Jive CSP supports mapping to Email
Security cache improvements with large number of permission models
[Security Cache] Allow an administrator to update all permission models
[Security Cache] Create an environment that reproduces a huge setup
[Security Cache] Do not call security provider for a time if not ready
[Security Cache] Large number of models support: misc fixes to merge in 7.0 release
[Security Cache] Log info about items to expand on a regular basis
[Security Cache] Process new permission models before regular entities
[Security Cache] Remove legacy revise to support hotfix
[Security Cache] Various optimizations of the cache
YouTube - Additional features
[YouTube] Add a request retry executioner
[YouTube] Connector supports incremental refresh operations
[YouTube] Connector supports indexing activities from channels
[YouTube] Connector supports indexing all playlists of a specific channel
[YouTube] Connector supports indexing playlist items with folding
[YouTube] Connector supports indexing video categories
[YouTube] Revise - add playlist checkbox to crawler source
[YouTube] Support Refresh/Delete document operations
Add a cache at the slice's file security level
Add trailing wildcards to Top Results [more]
[Alfresco] Validate support of Alfresco 4.1.3
[Crawlers] Log a message whenever a parameter is used on a source but not actually used in the crawler.
[Crawlers] SourceType and DocumentType need to be set for all crawlers
[Crawlers] SourceType and DocumentType system fields
[Dropbox] Better handle the team expansion errors
[Dropbox] Set OAuth2 as the default authentication method
[Dynamics] Add default ID field for every entity
[Dynamics] Change fields implementation to respect Dynamics data
[Dynamics] Connector supports annotation and their attachment
[Dynamics] Improve performance of expanding user member with manager/position if needed
[Dynamics] Improve impact of caches on RAM
[Dynamics] Improve logging for erroneous ObjectsToGet file
[Dynamics] Improve performance especially when crawling with security
[Dynamics] ObjectsToGet support attachments
[Dynamics] Support child entities indexing
[Dynamics] Supports indexing of KB Articles attachments
[Dynamics] Title of RepositoryItem should use the PrimaryAttributeName of entity
[Exchange] Logging of mailbox and archive discovery is inadequate
[Framework] Display warnings if Log4Net is not configured properly
[Google Drive Compact] Revise the provided field set and JS UI to better suit the Compact crawler
[Google Drive] Add integration tests to verify the crawling of all Google Drive file types.
[Google Drive] The Crawler needs to support the certificate as a Base64 data string
[Jira V2] Support Kerberos authentication in crawler and CSP. [more]
Register License ID on mirror
[Salesforce CSP] Immediately throw a NotReady exception instead of waiting for the async initialization
[Salesforce] Optimize the security provider memory usage
[Salesforce] Refresh only some object types
[Salesforce] Support Delete Document and Delete Folder operations from the Index Browser
[Salesforce] Support incremental update of sharing permissions
[Salesforce] Support refreshing a specific document
[Search Web Service] Indicate in the UI that changes will be applied only after a service restart
[Security Cache] Allow to perform new security cache integrity checks
[SharePoint] Retry operation when an error occurs when performing calls to SharePoint API
[SharePoint v2] Add optional server alias parameter [more]
[SharePoint V2] Create a dummy Active Directory CSP for SharePoint integration.
[Sitemap] Add support for HTML sitemap parsing
Too many fields can prevent the Fields page of the Admin Tool from working
[YouTube] Remove related playlists from indexed playlists
[YouTube] Remove trailing slash of starting addresses
Fixed Support Cases Cas
An entry with the same key already exists error 00019835
CES diagnostic tool issue 00021308
CES service keeps on stopping after upgrading from CES7 build 7104 to 7599 00025496
CES service stopped and cannot be started 00025418
CES service stopped and restarted 00025231
CES service stops when clicking on "Indexed Documents" 00025361
Compression format error when restoring index 00021490
Custom name for @sysfiletype can generate a bug in the search page 00020615
Detect stalled recycling document IDs due to a bad revise 00025708
DocumentInfo.GetFieldValue in conversion script uses the dictionary translated field 00021060
Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component error 00025281
Error when expanding group in method GetMembersAndMappings 00025174
Error while indexing SharePoint Online lists and libraries 00019124
Error while indexing then service seems to hang 00021134
Exchange source: Admin tool hung on any source action 00021919
Getting SharePoint Error: Unable to load the XML data 00025542
Getting The attribute "URL" has an empty value in the XML element error, incremental refresh SP 00025436
Incremental refresh not respecting SP site visibility 00021944
Installation fails for a mirror but not for a master 00021942
Issue with incorrect indexed document count 00020324
Issue with the MainConverter (localhost) Converter Memory Usage in the CES Admin tool 00021531
Lazy permission expansion problem for certain users 00021887
Lotus Notes custom fields cannot be used as display fields 00021970
Not getting a warning in the query.log even after reaching the query limit 00021904
PTC Windchill connector did not pause on error 00025295
PTC Windchill Connector: Rebuild stopped with Not a legal OleAut date fatal error 00025512
Queries sent to mirror are long to execute 00025405
Scheduled refreshes not working 00019388
[SharePoint] Precondition failed: The parameter 'p_RowElement' must not be nullParameter name: p_RowElement error 00021788
[SharePoint V2] Incremental refresh Value does not fall error 00021754
SHAREPOINT_UNABLE_TO_GET_ROOT_ITEM error on full and incremental refreshes 00021869
Security cache expansion delay 00021886
Service outage caused by the Email security provider 00021400
Service shutdown 00025243
Slow queries reported 00025536
Source becomes unresponsive when script is edited on cloud UI while a rebuild is running 00021747
The parameter 'UNKNOWN' must not be nullParameter name: UNKNOWN error 00021612
The permissions for named user(s) is/are not present in CES 00025176
Unknown exception error after creating a source 00025399
Use the author extracted from the document instead of the SharePoint author 00021589
While installing CES with the Admin service, the admin service fails 00021487
Getting 'SHAREPOINT_UNKNOWN_ERROR': Precondition failed error 00025766
Users get no results because of provider errors 00025687

April 2015 - v 7.0.7599

New Features
Sitemap - New official connector [more]
Dynamics - Support Dynamics 2015
[Dynamics] Connectors support manager hierarchical security
[Dynamics] Security support excluded entities from hierarchical security
Dynamics - Support Dynamics securities [more]
[Dynamics] Add the security provider dlls in the install kit
[Dynamics] Connector add to document resolved shared permissions
[Dynamics] Connectors and CSP follow guidelines
[Dynamics] Finish the implementation of the CSP
[Dynamics] Security Provider expand and map users
[Dynamics] Support Dynamics permissions with permission levels and sets in a security provider
[Dynamics] Support Dynamics permissions with permission levels and sets in the crawler
Dynamics - Support Entity Relationships [more]
[Dynamics] Add relations to the default configuration
[Dynamics] Add section to configure relations in the configuration tool
[Dynamics] Have a basic configuration in the configuration tool with meaningful entities
[Dynamics] Support aggregating linked entities metadata
[Dynamics] Support basic incremental refresh of relations
[Dynamics] Support incremental refresh of relations from audit records when available
Jive - Support for version 7 [more]
Gmail - Support OAuth 2
[Gmail connector] Implements the OAuth2 authentication for IMAP
Google Drive Compact - Index a single copy of a shared item [more]
[Google Drive] Add a new flat crawler to the license and the configuration
[Google Drive] Enable pause/resume for the flat crawler
[Google Drive] Ensure we support all permission scenarios while flat crawling
[Google Drive] Force the case sensitivity for the flat crawler
[Google Drive] Implement Index Browser features for the flat crawling
[Google Drive] Improve and fix the flat crawler features
[Google Drive] Support flat crawling all files and folders from the domain user by user
[Google Drive] Support flat crawling of files and folders owned by a single user
[Google Drive] Support flat incremental refresh changes
PTC Windchill - Improve Windchill Connector Metadata
[PTC Windchill] Improve field set and mapping file to support new metadata
YouTube - Tweaks and optimizations
[YouTube] Fill the crawling events document
[YouTube] Force case sensitivity in Core and Admin
[YouTube] Optimize the pause/resume using page tokens
[YouTube] Output an estimate of the total quota cost for an operation
[Google Drive] The security provider needs to accept the certificate as a Base64 string in parameter [more]
[Lithium] Support the label m-p. [more]
[Salesforce] Add support for lazy suffix in SP
[Salesforce] Fix a problem while indexing FeedComments on a CollaborationGroup
[Salesforce] Prefetch pages when crawling
[Salesforce] Support API v. 32
Fixed Support Cases Case
CES service cannot be started because of security cache issue 00021165
EncodingException error after upgrading CES 00020443
Getting a class MerlinConfig error while deleting a script from the CES Admin tool 00020818
Getting conversion failed error when using OCR 00021288
GMail sources in cloud indexes don't have proper fields for folding 00020922
In the Index Browser, Details information take time to load 00020508
In the Index Browser, getting an error when try to enlarge a facet box 00020565
Incremental refresh error with SP V2 00021114
LibreOffice not deleting Temp files 00020276
Mirror service not starting: OutOfRange Bitvector size exception 00020279
Missing results due to security issues 00021058
Source not updating because of SALESFORCE_METADATA_DOWNLOAD_ERROR 00021166
SP legacy vs V2 not all folders indexed 00020875
Slow load facets values call 00020980
Thesaurus bug with collections 00020925
Unable to change the port hosting the service during the installation 00020527
Unhandled exception in Default-TrnManager: BTreeRecordTooLargeException 00021651
Unhandled exception in TP: pipe:CESInstance7 00021471
When a file is indexed by SharePoint Legacy connector, it won't be indexed by the SP V2 connector 00021034
Coveo does not return all cases portal user has access to in Salesforce 00021618
Open converter compilation error after upgrade 00021646
Getting an SharePoint Error: Length cannot be less than zero.Parameter name: length error 00021612
CES service is stopped in the Master server and cannot be restarted 00021640

February 2015 - v 7.0.7433

New Features
Dynamics - Support deleted items in incremental refresh [more]
[Dynamics] Add a token renew mechanic
[Dynamics] Support incremental refresh of deleted items
[Dynamics] Use Audit for incremental refresh, when available.
YouTube - New connector is now available
[YouTube] Connector supports crawling all channels for a single user
[YouTube] Connector supports crawling all videos from a specific channel
[YouTube] User can specify which user and channel to crawl
[YouTube] Add the crawler to the install kit
[Admin Tool] "Delete Index Content" button should switch to "The index content is being deleted..." once started
[Google Drive] Add the Domain Admin Username parameter on the crawler
[Google Drive] AppsService should use OAuth like other Google Drive APIs [more]
[License] Get license attributes even when license is expired
Fixed Support Cases Cas
2 mirrors generate Invalid elias delta values error 00019574
CES service keeps stopping 00020191
InvalidDeltaValue exception generated by mirror 00019719
Open Text Content Server source won't pause on timeouts 00019997
Service stops due to invalid regex filter in ListFacetFieldValues 00020060
Stop words ignored by mirror 00019789
Unhandled exception in SecondaryCommit on a prod mirror 00020541
Web source status should not be "Updating" if crawling hits invalid starting address 00019849

January 2015 - v 7.0.7338

New Features
Microsoft Dynamics CRM - New official connector [more]
PTC Windchill - Improve the Incremental Refresh support [more]
[PTC Windchill] Coveo plugin is able to retrieve deleted items from the audit record [more]
[PTC Windchill] Support deleted content items in incremental refresh
[PTC Windchill] Support deleted parts in incremental refresh
[PTC Windchill] Support deleted content holders in incremental refresh
[PTC Windchill] Support incremental refresh of application contexts
[PTC Windchill] Support incremental refresh of content holders
[PTC Windchill] Support incremental refresh of content items
[AD Security Provider] Perform mapping for AD users towards Email [more]
[Admin Tool] Update tooltips related to security cache
[Oracle Knowledge] Fix error handling and add possibility to specify channels to crawl [more]
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Error: Precondition failed: ID must not be none 00019803
Issue with Text Analytics when Quick View is not indexed 00019744
License display issue 00019157
Mirror core dumps for customer upgraded to 7.0.7104.6 00019701
Permission issue for a File source 00018922
Thesaurus applies to no collection when checking all collections [more] 00019773

December 2014 - v 7.0.7256

New Features
New connectors are now available
[Oracle Knowledge] Introduction of the connector [more]
[PTC Windchill] Introduction of the connector [more]
[Install Kit] Add warning if the install kit is running on Windows Server 2003
[Install Kit] Install kit now asks the user to create a username and password for RabbitMQ [more]
[Lithium] Have the metadata has solution on a thread
Fixed Support Cases Cas
An error occurred while getting a view of the file Terms2.tin. Insufficient system resources 00019029
PDF converter adding spaces to words 00019068
Regex query syntax: the repeat operator "*" cannot start a regular expression 00019253
Unhandled exception in KIEC: TransactionThread - class CGLBTree::BTreeRecordTooLargeException 00019026

November 2014 - v 7.0.7183

New Features
An administrator can see the progress of the security cache update
[File Security Cache - Progress UI] Show progress in the Admin Tool [more]
[File Security Cache - Progress] Add progress info in the mirror state [more]
Change to starting address - Are you sure
[Admin Tool] Ask confirmation when changing starting addresses
File Connector - Support indexing of long paths [more]
[Long Paths] Support long paths during live monitoring operations
Long Paths] Support long paths during refresh operations
Dropbox - Improve and officialize connector
[Dropbox] Add the connector to the install kit, configuration, and license
[Dropbox] Use the standard mapping file
File Security Cache - Auto Clean-up
[File Security Cache] Auto clean-up: Invalid entities are discarded from the cache
Force resync a mirror [more]
[Admin Tool] Add "Force resync" on mirror
Index Browser - Miscellaneous improvements
[Index Browser] Change the Return to results link
[Index Browser] Anonymous in Effective Combined Permissions and all other levels should have a grayed out state [more]
JIRA V2 - General Improvements & Nice to haves
[JIRA V2] Add the Delete folder feature
[JIRA V2] Crawler supports live indexing of moved sub-task
[JIRA V2] Have a cache of project in live monitoring to minimize unnecessary fetching
[JIRA V2] JS UI supports folding for attachments
[JIRA V2] Live monitoring supports HTTPS web host [more]
[JIRA V2] Validate Plugin and JIRA versions before using their REST APIs
[Stemming] Stemming in phrases - Add a setting
[Install Kit] Have users enter Admin Service passwords twice in order to validate it
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Ascending sorting not working properly 00018286
CES hangs when adding mirror 00018927
ClickableURI is not updating correctly with the alias server name 00018698
Empty dump created 00018765
Expected behavior in case of Failed to allocate error 00018916
Gmail connector: A handled exception occurred of type ImapRetryBatchException (BaseException: LineSizeExceededException) 00019182
Increasing current groupbyfields maximum 00019119
Investigate slow queries 00019121
Multiple converter processes shutdown 00018821
New security cache causing service interruptions 00019097
OpenText Content Server connector not retrieving authors 00019024
Person Account prevent sources rebuilding 00019235

October 2014 - v 7.0.7104

New Features
Admin Tool - Enable changing a schedule in the UI even when indexing
[Administration Tool] Enable changing a schedule in the UI even when indexing [more]
JIRA V2 - New connector is now available [more]
[JIRA V2] Basic crawling of unsecured items
[JIRA V2] Live monitoring support
[JIRA V2] Support for JIRA permissions
SharePoint V2 - Index folders as Coveo documents [more]
[SharePoint V2] An admin can set the crawler to index list folders as documents
[SharePoint V2] List folders have proper icons and name in the UI
[File Crawler] Add a sample Log4net config file [more]
[Framework] Add a prefetcher to the framework and use it for Google Drive connector [more]
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Cannot select multiples in facets with June build 00018690
Facets problem on search interface 00018567
Google Site connector throwing an exception when site has a pending invitation 00018737
Hot fix required for facet range is not working well on 6830.3 00018875
Mirror is not returning any documents 00018752
Object indexing issue with July build 00018571
Optimize query performance for the cloud 00018865
Service hung and no search 00018663
Using wildcards for queries 00018743

September 2014 - v 7.0.7022

New Features
An administrator can back up and restore an index with multiple slices
[Backup] Add an administration panel to back up and restore the index [more]
[Backup] Support creating a backup for an index with multiple slices
Changing an option on a field should not require a recrawl
Build facet information using the index [more]
Build string field sort information using the index [more]
Enable Near Real-Time indexing by default [more]
Adapt Admin Tool to reflect changes in config [more]
Enable Near Real-Time indexing by default in index
Having the Refresh Folder for the Google Drive connector
[Google Drive] Support deleting a specific folder or document
[Google Drive] Support refreshing a specific folder
[Google Drive] Support RefreshUri for documents
Improved File Security Cache
[Security Cache] Apply SIDsToIgnore during the expansion
[Security Cache] Implement a new Compact Graph structure to replace the old structure
[Security Cache] Modify the file security cache to use the new Compact Graph structure
SharePoint V2 - Support for social tagging [more]
[SharePoint V2] A user can refine by tagging
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform incremental updates of tagging
[SharePoint V2] Remove Social Tags retrieval from item's constructors
Top Results should be avoidable
Add the new attribute to disable the top results on QueryParams, and handle it
Ability to specify the timezone for a query
[Google Drive] From and To meta can be disabled by the user [more]
[Google Drive] Improve performance by using the permissions on the file download instead of the GetPermission call
[Google Drive] Improve resume performance when iterating on users
[Google Drive] Make the sysfrom field value more relevant by using the sharing user instead of the owner
[Lithium] Ensure that the document type are set on the attachment
Fixed Support Cases Case
AD security provider hits Unable to connect to the server 00017043
Admin Tool stopped, service restart required 00018429
FileCannotMoveException: An error occurred while moving the file 00018118
Issue with real-time indexing 00018745
OpenText Content server issue - Pause during a rebuild 00018697
Permission settings to a collection prevent any user to display the concerned collection 00018279
Queries with diacritic (non-English) characters not highlighted in summary 00018366
Slash is added after email address in mailto link 00017225
Unable to access Admin Tool due to high memory usage by CES service 00018077
Unhandled exception in MirrorTrnThread - class MerlinConfig::DuplicateKeyException 00018431
Users in allowed group not picked up in CES 00017950

August 2014 - v 7.0.6942

New Features

Index - Allow transaction commit faster than 1 minute [more]

[Index] Allow transaction commit faster than 1 minute
Index Resilience - Make the index more resilient to temporary error situations [more]
[Index Resilience] Make the transaction mechanism resilient to temporary error situations
Near Real-Time - Add configuration options in the Administration Tool [more]
[Near Real-Time] Add configuration options in the Administration Tool
RSS Connector - Productize the connector [more]
[RSS Connector] Add the connector to the install kit, license, and configuration
[RSS Connector] Retrieve every metadata from channels
[RSS Connector] Support the standard way of having thumbnails in an RSS feed
[RSS Connector] Support the OpenSearch extension to index whole feeds
SharePoint V2 - A user can search for document sets
[SharePoint V2] A user can search for document sets
SharePoint V2 - An administrator can refresh/delete a specific section
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform the Delete Document operation
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform the Delete Folder operation
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform the Refresh Document operation
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform the Refresh Folder operation
SharePoint V2 - Support of incremental updates for web files and document sets
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform incremental updates of document sets
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform incremental updates of web folders and web files
Fixed Support Cases Cas
class CGLWindows::WindowsException: The user identity used to impersonate the source is invalid 00018073
Only getting anonymous content when logged as a community user 00018119
CGLMessaging::Meta::NotImplementedException on certain queries 00018315
Error during source rebuild after upgrade 00018161
Service outage: CGLBTree::SimpleIndexDuplicatedKeysException 00018240
Service shutting down in TP: BatchQueriesPool 00018019

July 2014 - v 7.0.6830

New Features
Index - Add basic backup functionality [more]
[Backup] Add a command line argument to restore an index from a backup
[Backup] Add an admin API call to perform a backup
[Backup] Add CRC check to validate ZIP files
[Backup] Make backup fail if config is not supported
[Backup] Perform a backup by copying all the index directory besides the logs and temp files
[Backup] Use ZIP to compress backup files
Index - Add support for more types of operations for computed fields
Add support for variance and standard deviation for computed fields
[SharePoint V2] Rebrand original crawler to legacy, rebrand V2 to "SharePoint" [more]
SharePoint V2 - SharePoint crawler rebranding
SharePoint V2 - A user can use advanced search UI features
[SharePoint V2] A user can refine by custom list item type
[SharePoint V2] A user can refine by list item type (contact, event, etc)
[SharePoint V2] A user can use a breadcrumb to easily access all parent items
SharePoint V2 - An administrator can perform incremental updates of the SharePoint content
[SharePoint V2] All changed content should be processed in the same run
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform incremental updates of deleted items
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform incremental updates of lists, list folders, and list items
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform incremental updates of on-premises web applications, site collections, and webs
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can perform incremental updates of online site collections and webs
[SharePoint V2] Optimize the crawling using a connection group name
SharePoint V2 - An administrator can use a more specific crawling starting point
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can use a starting address that points to a specific site collection or web [more]
[SharePoint V2] An administrator can index all SP Online site collections [more]
Lithium - Various
[Lithium] Stop using form authentication to download attachments
Fixed Support Cases Cas
A field from image metadata can't be indexed 00017308
Add fail safe to avoid ingesting big SIDs or permissions 00017961
CESCustomCrawlers7.exe memory usage constantly climbing 00017879
Coveo accepts the creation of a task but later service will not start with a task longer than max length 00017577
InvalidConfigException: Invalid collection name 00017870
Japanese query conversion breaks query 00017999
Rendering a TM symbol in the search result text 00017301
SecurityProviderNotRegisteredException generates 700+ MB of system logs daily 00017659
SharePoint timeout when trying to rebuild 00017034
When adding a mirror the service starts OK but won't accept searches 00017973

June 2014 - v 7.0.6767

New Features
Near Real-Time Indexing [more]
[Near Real-Time] Implement transfer of tags from regular slice to fast slice on update doc
[Near Real-Ttime] Implement transfer of ratings from regular slice to fast slice on update doc
Salesforce - Better permissions for records
[Salesforce] Support incremental modification of user profiles
[Salesforce] Merge permissions groups into an ObjectAccess group when possible
Lithium connector [more]
[Lithium] Adding connector parameters for authentication form
[Exchange] Update Exchange Online PowerShell endpoint
[Google Drive] Populate email in from and to fields for shared documents
[Google Drive] Support a timeout for Blob Store operations to avoid hanging
[Salesforce] Supports indexing archived Knowledge Base articles
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Equal = sign added in the URLs when crawling web pages 00016421
Admin tool loading very slowly in March build 00016319
Cannot find object type of feed 00016752
Coveo accepts creation of task but later service will not start with task longer than max length 00017577
Fixed access violation when using range operations in nested queries, on numerical fields without query functions 00017688
ListFacetFieldValues call is returning unexpected values 00017273
Locks with spinning will now only be used on machines with at least 8 cores 00017186
No search since Microsoft security update 00017771
Parent-child loading load fails or load a deleted version 00017576
Unable to stop or pause a database source 00017567
Unable to switch to Read-Only mode 00017294
Unhandled exception in TagFieldsInMemory-Load - Unknown exception 00017649
Users listed in SIDsToIgnore are not ignored 00017153

May 2014 - v 7.0.6684

New Features
Add a global option to enable/disable the search debug information [more]
[Administration Tool] Add a global option to enable/disable the &debug=1 option in the search page
[Search Interface] Do not display the debug information when global option is disabled
Administration Tool - Assign a Thesaurus entry to more than 1 collection
[Administration Tool] Modify the COM API to assign more than 1 collection on a thesaurus
[Administration Tool] Modify the thesaurus panel to assign more than 1 collection on a thesaurus [more]
Exchange - Repair online archives crawling [more]
[Exchange] Modify the web services pool to handle more than one connection
Google Drive - Better error handling, performance improvement and minor improvements
[Google Drive] Be able to configure the connector to crawl without "Shared with me" documents [more]
[Google Drive] Be able to configure the connector to crawl without "Comments" [more]
[Google Drive] Be able to view "Shared with me" documents per domain
[Google Drive] Breadcrumb links should open "Shared with me" documents directly in my drive [more]
[Google Drive] Improve the crawling performance to complete a rebuild/refresh faster
[Google Drive] Improve the error handling to avoid unnecessarily errors that will stop a crawling run
Improve Search Provider performance
[Admin Service] Make sure Read commands do not commit in the AdminService
Salesforce - Better handling of some errors in the connector
[Salesforce] Treat SERVER_UNAVAILABLE errors from Salesforce as fatal
[Salesforce] Treat timeouts as errors instead of warnings
Salesforce - Give more precision when crawling is impossible due to IPs not whitelisted
[Salesforce] Gives more precision when crawling is impossible due to IPs not whitelisted
[Debug] Add switch to .sln to generate better debug info in Release
[Flags] Display the flags of c:\tmp in the system logs at the startup of CES
[Framework] Add a PerformCall (metrics) that can take a method with a return value
[Google Drive] Ensure to follow metrics guideline
[Google Drive] Performance - Expand comments out of main lock
[Index] Added @sysfullnameexpanded, that contains the name of people, made from FirstName and LastName, with some combinatorial expansions, and multi-value faceting
[Index] Fixed assertion with some OR queries
[Index] GetPosition will throw specific error while positions aren't loaded
[Salesforce] Generalize the topic feature of Chatter to any object
[Salesforce] Optionally index sharing permissions [more]
[Salesforce] Synthesize fiscal year and quarter metadata
[Search API] Dumb query mode that do not interpret query syntax except inside special markers
[Search API] Optimize query JSON output to avoid allocating strings
[SharePoint Online] Support for Okta (BackEnd and FrontEnd)
[WebScraper] 404 not found on refresh
[WebScraper] Enable using xpath to return attributes directly
Pass SearchHub to analytics using Search Token
Fixed Support Cases Cas
404 error with addresses including a quote 00016689
Admin UI Error, The source 31294.11989 does not exist 00017408
An error occurred while encrypting the data after upgrading 00016630
CES stuck at switching to read-only 00016980
Conversion not extracting any text from a PDF 00016828
Discrepancy between Platform sources schedules and CES 00016691
Duplicated keys in simple index 00017164
Excerpt length not working with @URI searches 00016695
Facet value increase when selected 00016693
Files locked when file monitoring is enabled 00017021
Getting Unable to retrieve the 'view' restrictions on a few Confluence pages 00015411
Getting an error in the Index Browser when clicking on the source 00015304
Incremental refresh fails to index document set name 00017281
Incremental refresh not picking up archived item 00017154
Invalid Unicode in field 00015419
Issue when crawling SharePoint: at least one invalid address was found. 00015841
Issue with JIRA 00017311
Items without any ObjectType 00016348
KIENoSpaceLeft There is no space left on the device 00016403
SF indexing very slow with security 00016403
Tagging exception - The attempt to connect was forcefully rejected 00016635

April 2014 - v 7.0.6607

New Features
Add a query string to enter an internal ID directly in the security browser
[Security Browser] Add a query string to enter an internal ID directly in the security browser
Allow to convert directly in HTML with the Quick View
[Administration Tool] Quick View configuration - Add item LibreOffice Only in the drop-down [more]
Exchange - Improve OWA clickables and breadcrumbs for Exchange 2013
[Exchange] With Exchange 2013, breadcrumbs are now available for Outlook client (but not OWA)
Have a log that states any scripts used when a refresh\rebuild\IR starts
[Logs] Add a log entry when a source has a script [more]
Have a way to get the timestamp used for an incremental indexing
[Framework] Log the Incremental Refresh timestamp in Log4net
Implement a better Quick View mechanism that includes images - Phase 2
[QuickView] Add a debug mode
[QuickView] Add a tool to configure image quality reduction when converting directly to HTML with LibreOffice
LDAP security provider
[LDAP] Create a config revise reflecting the changes made to the LDAP security provider
[LDAP] Modify the existing LDAPToAD Security Provider to accept any other security (EmailToLDAP)
[LDAP] Rename the LdapToAd security provider to only "LDAP"
Near Real-Time Indexing Beta [more]
[Index] Add fast slice to config and manage their creation
[Index] Add layer of abstraction in slice config to enable creation of in RAM config
[Index] Add regular slice reference to docs pushed to fast slices
[Index] Dispatch to fast slices on query
[Index] Link calls to mirror to underlying fast slices
[Index] Make sure updates of docs on multiple fast slices are coherent
[Index] Manage automatic deletion of fast slices
[Index] Manage updates of documents (no duplicates or missing)
[Index] Modify performance manager to adapt to fast slices
[Index] Remove fast slice ID from documents saved in main slice
Performance improvements to security cache
[Security] Improve Level & Set performance
Remove locks in Administration Tool when a source is working
[Administration Tool] Remove lock for fields and document types
REST call for fields [more]
[Search API] Add a call to list the fields and their type
Stop crawlers in parallel when going from RW to RO
[Logs] Add a log line for each source/crawler stopped
Support hit highlighting in Quick View
[Search API] Add parameter to the REST call in order to support hit highlighting on the Quick View [more]
Support Windows authentication in standalone REST
[Search API] Support Windows authentication in standalone REST [more]
Switch to read-only when the index stops unexpectedly over and over
[Console] Add a button that switches the config to read-only and restarts the service [more]
Users are able to query and/or rank based on functions [more] and [more]
[Query Functions] Adapt the query pipeline/ranking to use dynamically computed fields
[Query Functions] Add number based QRE (that could use a query function field, or use a function to interpret a field, or both)
[Query Functions] Evaluate the ExprTk C++ library
[Query Functions] Implement the evaluation of function queries
[Query Functions] Improve performance
[Administration Tool] Added favicon
[Alfresco] Crawler now logs an error message rather than a warning when it is unable to connect to the repository
[Google Drive] Fixed high memory usage caused by users cache
[Install Kit] Shortcuts now have the name CES in them; shortcuts to the Administration Tool have the Coveo icon
[Jive] Support for Jive Cloud (version 8) [more]
[Lithium] Blogs are crawled as boards
[Notes] Add Log4net logging in the Notes crawler
[OCR] Not all PNG files are converted [more]
[Salesforce] Add "Order" in Query definition [more]
[Salesforce] Add the Salesforce short Id in a record metadata
[Salesforce] Added a fallback mechanism when the metadata package is unavailable [more]
[Salesforce] Added a performance monitor to standardize logging of calls count
[Salesforce] Can now incrementally refresh feed items where only a topic has been added
[Salesforce] Improve performance logging
[Salesforce] Lazy fetch descriptions on an incremental refresh
[Salesforce] Relax rules for missing fields when parsing JSON responses
[Salesforce] The default title of a record is its Name field
[Search API] Add support for user display name and groups
[Search API] Use completeFacetWithStandardValues in groupby so we can remove the second groupby in facet
[SharePoint] Added support for ADFS under Claims [more]
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Active Directory Security Provider returns "SecurityInvalidUserGroupException: The value <...> is not a valid domain SID" 00014605
Administration Tool not responding 00015537
CES needs a restart to be aware of new local admin 00015813
Error while indexing Coveo for Sitecore: hexadecimal value, is an invalid character 00016684
Excessive API calls consumption on standard Salesforce source 00016539
Exchange callback service using a lot of memory 00014530
Files locked when file monitoring is enabled 00017021
High CPU consumption while performing queries 00015615
KIENoSpaceLeft There is no space left on the device 00016403
Master server stopped 00016313
OCR script issue on some PDF 00015326
Salesforce connector returns a "MALFORMED_QUERY" error 00016948
SharePoint Online error: The security timestamp is invalid because its creation time is in the future 00015434
Slow file security cache 00015647

March 2014 - v 7.0.6547

Important : When you upgrade from a version prior to the CES 7.0.6547 March 2014 monthly release, an index data structure unmerge process will take place following the installation. Le processus de dissociation fait augmenter la taille de l'index de près de 5 à 10 %. Veillez à ce que votre disque d'index offre suffisamment d'espace libre avant de mettre à jour.

New Features
Add the enable Web Service for the mirror in the Administration Tool
[Administration Tool] Add a configuration section for each mirror for the web service settings [more]
Display last source operation duration
[Administration Tool] Add the duration of the last source operation in the admin panel [more]
Firewall improvement using VPC and new VPN
[Admin Service] Change public hostname to private hostname
Implement a better Quick View mechanism that includes images [more]
[QuickView] Add new parameters in Admin Tool
[QuickView] Add parameter to convert directly from LibreOffice to HTML
[QuickView] Cleanup of all temporary files
[QuickView] Create a base project in CoveoConverters to call external tools
[QuickView] Create unit test for the new Quick View mechanism
[QuickView] Test multi-threading
[QuickView] Use paths & parameters from the configuration
Index Browser - Reintroduce the "back to source" button
[Administration Tool] Add a back button in the Index Browser if coming from a source [more]
Install Kit
[Install Kit] Add update KB2750147 in bootstrapper
[Install Kit] Ask for Admin Service user [more]
[Install Kit] Prevent RabbitMQ installation failure because of HOMEDRIVE
[Install Kit] Prevent RabbitMQ Installation failure because of missing %APPDATA%
Keep remote mirror in read-write when switching CES to read-only
[Mirrors] Keep remote mirror in read-write when switching CES to ReadOnly
Platform API - View/Edit refresh schedules
[Admin Service] Create unit tests for the two commands SetDetailedTasksCommand and CreateScheduleCommand
[Admin Service] Edit calls to create different schedules for each source
Secure the Admin Service
[AdminService] Enable AdminService to authenticate and store a session for an existing user
[AdminService] Enable AdminService to be configured with securities
[AdminService] Enable an authenticated user of the AdminService to add or remove a user and retrieve existing users
Security Browser - Update a security identity
[Administration Tool] Security Browser - Add a new button to update the securities of an entity [more]
[Infrastructure] Security Browser - Add COMAdmin calls for internal id
Sitecore2 - Use default proxy for web requests to get HTML body
[Sitecore2] Use default proxy for web requests to get HTML body
Support Active Directory module for the ExtractHTMLContent feature of Sitecore2 Connector
[Sitecore2] Support NTLM authentication for ExtractHTMLContent
Users can more easily find documents written in CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) [more]
[CJK] Add source code of tokenizers into repo and enable autobuild
[CJK] Evaluate benefits (recall) after using tokenizers
[CJK] Existing index migration strategy
[CJK] Harmonize part of speech for external tokenizers
[CJK] Implement custom logging for debugging
[CJK] Install Kit, Remote Converters
[CJK] Language dependent external tokenizers API
[CJK] Linux port of tokenizers
[CJK] Modify query pipeline to support new tokenizers
[CJK] Perform testing
[CJK] Stop words handling in CJK
[CJK] Validate all unit tests and merge with develop
[CJK] Wrapper 3 tokenizers into DLL
[BTree] Hybrid Tree unmerge won't throw but log if duplicate keys are found
[Google Drive] Better fatal error messages for cloud
[Google Drive] Blobstore issue causing an infinite refresh of sources
[Google Drive] Fix high memory usage when loading drive users
[Google Drive] Move the Incremental State cache in a BTree structure (remove blobstore)
[Google Drive] Publish fields set
[Salesforce] A user entitled to see a Case is also entitled to see the relevant CaseHistory records
[Salesforce] Access to the instance metadata through the Coveo Connector Helper package
[Salesforce] Reduce the number of API calls consumed when expanding CRM content permissions by querying user access for all libraries at once
[Salesforce] Update default mapping file
[Salesforce] Use the org id from the login service instead of performing an extra SOAP call
Fixed Support Cases Cas
CGLBTree::SimpleIndexDuplicatedKeysException: Duplicated keys in simple index 00015663
Default field value created in SharePoint did not reflect in Coveo 00015246
Empty group in Security Browser 00013946
Exchange error message not correctly returned 00015765
Google Drive connector exception on invalid refresh token 00015597
Index switching to read-only unexpectedly 00015540
Indexation of the headers of docx documents not working 00015653
Moved folders in file system are not moved within Coveo index 00015291
Salesforce interface in Outlook doesn't work with Salesforce2 connector 00015646
Service dump with Invalid Elias delta values 00015819
Service does not start, unhandled exception 00015153
Service stops because of BTreeRecordTooLargeException 00015733
Salesforce connector no longer index documents 00015781
SharePoint preferences missing for SP 2013 00015054
Sitecore - Errors when performing incremental refresh 00015452
Task Scheduler failed to start/launch 00014809
Timeouts when trying to index exchange public folder 00015639
Unchecking two field settings and only one is applied 00015661
Wildcard in nested query returns nothing 00015743

February 2014 - v 7.0.6424

New Features
Add IncludeInResults for fields
[Administration Tool] Add the parameter on fields [more]
Add support for Thai in CES [more]
[Thai] DidYouMean/WCL (Word Corrector Lexicon)
[Thai] Enable Thai basic support
[Thai] Excerpts
[Thai] Query highlighting
[Thai] Thesaurus
Automatic starting/pausing/resuming of indexing [more]
[Administration Tool] Add pause task in source panel
[Administration Tool] Add resuming task in source panel
Automatically reload modified converter scripts [more]
[Administration Tool] Automatically reload modified converter scripts
Expose the new option to limit the size of the Quick View in the .NET
[Search API] Expose LoadHtmlEx in CmfSearchProvider
Google Drive - Add metadata and better error management
[Google Apps] Security Provider must handle token expiration
[Google Drive] Better incremental refresh support
[Google Drive] Leverage features from most recent Google API
[Google Drive] Miscellaneous fixes
[Google Drive] Refresh token is encrypted in source configuration
[Google Drive] Shared files are only downloaded once per refresh/rebuild operation
[Google Drive] Update comments on incremental refresh
[Google Drive] User can search for personal metadata
Have foreign key support multiple key fields mapping to a single value field [more]
[Foreign Key] Allow the possibility to have two key fields mapping to the same name field
Mandatory expression in search token
[Search API] Add support for mandatory expression in search token
Salesforce - Continuous improvements
[Salesforce] Create default field set
[Salesforce] Validate polymorphic relationships on feed items
[Administration Tool] Added possibility to enable/disable scheduled tasks on sources and modified how schedules are displayed
[AdminService] Be able to configure a foreign key (i.e. for airport code/name)
[Salesforce] A user can search knowledge by article number without inputting leading zeroes
[Salesforce] The connector and crawler should use the new configuration model
[Salesforce] The connector should be usable with the Repository browser
[Sitecore2] Add support for Sitecore 7.1
[Kerberos] Add an option to bypass Kerberos authentication
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Administration Roles can be forced to accept 2 entries for the same group/user, after deletion 00015275
Authentication error when indexing secured web pages 00015542
Better handling of SF Query timeouts 00015479
Better Lithium error reporting 00015359
BrokenChannel exception between master and mirror 00015253
CES service stopping sometimes without error message 00014781
Creating a pause on error button for SharePoint 00015576
Documentum connector incremental refresh issue 00014849
Documentum: versioning issue 00014499
EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION after installing hotfix 00015338
Groups are not expand completely 00014605
High memory consumption and service stopping unexpectedly 00015279
Impose a limit on tag size 00015420
Insufficient Winsock resources available to complete socket connection initiation 00014821
Invalid Unicode in field 00015419
Issue with security permissions not being applied on Gmail sources 00015577
JIRA attachments are not downloaded with the user identity credentials 00015410
Mirror stops unexpectedly 00014924
New mirror sync issue 00015224
Service stopped due to an unhandled exception 00015559
Service stops unexpectedly on an issue with Quick View highlighted terms 00015413
SharePoint Document Set with dot in their name are rejected while indexing 00015219
SharePoint: pausing crawler issues 00015173
Sitecore 1: error triggered source content deletion 00015533
Slow crawling of PST files 00015245
Some AD groups cannot be expanded 00015337
Sub-par crawling performances in SharePoint 00015287
Uncatched JIRA exception when stopping rebuild/refresh 00015409
Upgrading from release 5785 to 6339 breaks identities format 00015637
Wrong document set GUIDs 00015341

January 2014 - v 7.0.6339

New Features
Administration Tool - Add explicit icon when a schedule is disabled
[Schedules] Add explicit icon when a schedule is disabled
Assign a Thesaurus entry to more than 1 collection
[Thesaurus] Assign a Thesaurus entry to more than 1 collection
Install Kit
[Install Kit] Add Admin Service option on new install [more]
Salesforce - Allow crawling with reduced privilege
[Chatter] Allow crawling feeds when the user does not have View All Data
[Salesforce] A user may provide the org id so the connector may index records without View all data
[Salesforce] Do not query profiles when permissions are not indexed
[Salesforce] Return appropriate error code when the user does not have access to the metadata package
Salesforce - Improved support for knowledge articles
[Salesforce] Incremental refresh on knowledge articles
[Salesforce] Support KB categories for multiple languages
Tagging fields content displayed in Index Browser
[Administration Tool] Show tagging fields in the Index Browser
[Query] Now possible to enable ranking information directly using a query parameter (EnableRankingInformation)
[Search API] Add maximum number of keywords and support for disabling stemming to $correlateWithIdf
[Search API] Add option to only parse operator in uppercase in REST API
[Search API] Add Scope argument to the REST API
[Search API] Add support for automatic field generation
[Search API] Add Support for automatic ranges
[Search API] Add support for wildcards and question marks in the REST API
[Search API] Share SearchResource with Cloud Platform
[Yammer Connector] Productize (Add to license and install kit)
Fixed Support Cases Cas
\CES7\Index\Crawlers up to 75 GB 00014964
Add IMAP connection issues error handling 00014909
Allow faceted search on a field containing multiple values unchecked after saving 00015204
BTreeRecordTooLargeException on both master and mirror 00015296
Commented fields in mapping file are still mapped 00014615
CRL check is not done internally even if certificate is properly signed 00015226
Exchange FileCannotOpenException file is being used 00014544
Exchange indexing issue for 1 user 00014999
Getting An item with the same key has already been added. with JIRA 00015058
How fix Mapping "" not found in the metadata mappings 00014857
Index bug for Phoenix 00015168
JIRA - disable the check for the SSL certificate 00014960
JIRA security provider fails to start 00015057
Refreshing is taking too much time 00014661
Service stops : Failed to allocate 00015114
Slow service taking up 99% of CPU 00015039
Wrong notification: "No documents were found in this document set" 00015133