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Coveo for Sitecore 3.0 - Release Notes

This topic summarizes the new features and fixed support cases included in each Coveo for Sitecore monthly release.

The Coveo for Sitecore updates follow a monthly release cycle (see À propos du cycle de parution de la Plateforme Coveo).

Important : When you install or upgrade Coveo for Sitecore with a given monthly release, you must also upgrade Coveo Enterprise Search (CES) to the release of the same month to prevent compatibility issues (see Coveo Enterprise Search 7.0 - Release Notes).

July 2015 - v 3.0.1081

New Features
Clickable URL - Improve clickable URL logic
[Clickable URL] Improve the coveoProcessParsedRestResponse pipeline to resolve URL using the Sitecore LinkManager [more]
[Clickable URL] Investigate Sitecore's LinkManager usage feasibility
Top Results - Front Top Results configuration in Sitecore
[Top Results] Allow to synchronize Top Results using a Control Panel wizard [more]
[Top Results] Create specific pipeline for resolving a document URI
[Top Results] Implement Top Results synchronization between Sitecore and CES
[Top Results] Synchronize Top Results automatically [more]
[Config] Change Coveo.UI to reference MVC 3 on Sitecore 7.0 and MVC 4 on Sitecore 7.1
[First-time setup] Detect if MVC is installed

June 2015 - v 3.0.1055

New Features
[OmniboxResultList] Enable user to configure result section order
[Top Results] Expose new calls on the Admin Service to configure Top Results
[UI] Leverage OmniboxResultList in our components
[Versions] Support for Sitecore 7.2 Update 4
[Versions] Support for Sitecore 8.0 update 3
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Upgrading a mirror with the CES for Sitecore installer forces the installation of the Admin Service 00021488

May 2015 - v 3.0.1026

New Features
[CD Configuration] Add a flag to prevent Sitecore's user identity to get updated on CES for Sitecore CDs
[Content Editor] Support start and end search filters [more]
[Diagnostic Page] Display Sitecore version & Coveo for Sitecore version
[Diagnostic Page] Implement an Expand/Collapse method for viewing more information on error messages
[First-time setup] Skip the first-time setup check for CDs [more]
Fixed Support Cases Cas
DataFolder relative path prevents the license and encryption key from being detected 00024991
Excluding the CD from the password validation 00021951
Security validation on Sitecore CDs will break when the login is disabled 00021532

April 2015 - v 3.0.1000

New Features
[Versions] Support for Sitecore 8.0
[Sitecore 8] Enable user to have proper packaging and documentation
[Sitecore 8] Support basic indexing and querying features
[Configuration] Enable side-by-side indexes in Sitecore 8 package
[Versions] Support for Sitecore 7.5 update 1
[Versions] Support for Sitecore 7.5 update 2
[Versions] Support for Sitecore 8.0 update 1
[Versions] Support for Sitecore 8.0 update 2
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Search API installation on a Danish OS crashes 00020730
Sitecore securities not respected by the Sitecore connector 2 00020546

March 2015 - v 3.0.974

New Features
[UI] Enable user to have updated looks on wizards and dialogs
[UI] Enable user to have updated looks on dialogs
[UI] Enable user to have updated looks on wizards
[Versions] Support for Sitecore 7.2 Update 3
[LINQ] Support the coveoQueryFieldPipeline with the join operators
[Logs] Improve messages logged when an encrypted password cannot be decrypted
[Security] Add support for PropagationType.Any security access rules in Coveo for Sitecore
[Layout] Normalize the title element of the web forms and MVC layout
[Diagnostic] Enable user to do a test indexing run
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Diagnostic page not detecting a remote security provider 00020895
Changing the root site of Sitecore cause the security provider to fail 00020746
Exposing external source in Sitecore 00020975

February 2015 - v 3.0.955

New Features
LINQ - Support the new operators added in Sitecore 7.5 [more]
[LINQ] Rework Coveo.SearchProvider.Linq to support Sitecore 7.5
[LINQ] Support the Group Join operator
[LINQ] Support the Join operator
[LINQ] Support the Self Join operator
[LINQ] Write documentation for Join operators with code samples
Sitecore 7.5 - Support indexation of xDB
[Sitecore 7.5] Enable user to have proper documents indexed from the xDB
[Sitecore 7.5] Enable user to have proper packaging and updated documentation for xDB indexation
[Sitecore 7.5] Enable user to have proper permissions on xDB documents
[Sitecore 7.5] Enable user to have specified fields in FieldMap instead of being based on templates
[Sitecore 7.5] Enable user to set duration of analytics events storage in index
[Facet Range] Implement the detection of a computed field type
[Free] Have a perpetual CES license in Coveo for Sitecore
[Search Box] Include only CoveoJsSearch_SearchBox.js in Search Box component
[Search Page] Add SearchAsYouType in the search page properties
[Security] Support Sitecore virtual users
[Sitecore 7.5] Leverage more JSUI events and show them in the UI
[REST] Add context to the coveoProcessParsedRestResponse pipeline arguments [more]
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Indexing stops because host has failed to respond 00020442
RabbitMQ queues not using the name set in the search provider config 00019828
Supporting TLS for Coveo for Sitecore 00019819

January 2015 - v 3.0.891

New Features
[Configuration] Secure Sitecore Password by setting it in the admin panel and encoding it [more]
[Installation Wizard] Enable user to bypass CES configuration if remote
[LINQ] Add extension to support basic query
[Search Provider] The user can deactivate the securities
[UI] Enable user to enter a placeholder text on SearchBox component
[UI] Update Coveo Icons
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Coveo license reset when the admin service is called 00019685
The Select Media dialog of Sitecore is taking too much time to populate 00019759
Thesaurus is not active and cannot be activated in the Coveo Search Provider 00019853
Unexpected: recycle Sitecore app while rebuilding clears the non-scanned items 00019742

December 2014 - v 3.0.863

New Features
Secure RabbitMQ password in the configuration file [more]
[Configuration] Secure RabbitMQ password in the configuration file by adding encryption
[Configuration] Split QueueURI setting in three parts (URI, Username and Password)
[Control Panel] Allow user to modify the QueueURI, username and password
[Control Panel] Allow user to skip the configuration of the indexing queue connection in wizards
[Post Installation Wizard] Allow user to set the QueueURI, username and password
Enable customer work with Sitecore 7.5
[Sitecore 7.5] Enable user to do basic queries with Sitecore 7.5
[Sitecore 7.5] Enable user to have a proper package in Sitecore 7.5
[Sitecore 7.5] Enable user to have existing analytics features working in Sitecore 7.5
[Sitecore 7.5] Enable user to have updated documentation on Sitecore 7.5
[Sitecore 7.5] Support basic indexing functionalities of 7.5
[Sitecore 7.5] Support index configuration referencing
Search components should be SEO friendly [more]
[SEO] Create page for web crawlers
[SEO] Improve Web Crawler page efficiency
[AdminService] Enable user to perform RefreshURI operation
[Analytics] Add the custom metadata with the new event of the Js changeAnalyticsCustomData [more]
[Configuration] Enable user to only index LatestVersions items
[External Content] Enable user to enter Collection to filter on
[Fields] Add pipeline to manage creation and naming of fields
[License] Enable user to handle CES license by Sitecore
[License] Have a way to automatically upgrade license to 1-year version
[LINQ] Exclude fields that are not used by search type on query

November 2014 - v 3.0.807

New Features
Add a pipeline in the REST endpoint to allow adding customization of the data server side
[REST] Add .NET wrapper objects to make it easier to customize results in the REST pipeline
[REST] Add a configuration page in Coveo for Sitecore first-time setup [more]
[REST] Add a pipeline to customize the results before they are returned in JSON
Shift to the new .NET REST endpoint
[REST - Technical] Use the .NET REST proxy in Sitecore
[Search Provider] Enable user to have basic customizable ComputedFields [more]
[Versions] Support for Sitecore 7.1 Update 3 [more]
Fixed Support Cases Case
Inbound filter removing certain languages of an item when publishing in all languages 00018603
Messages constantly stuck in RabbitMQ 00018767
Multiple "field cannot be added" in Sitecore logs 00018869

October 2014 - v 3.0.784

New Features
Implement Coveo for Sitecore Free Version
[Free] Enable features to be disabled/enabled according to license
[Free] Enable licensing to work by feature
[Free] Enable Search Provider to have a licensing mechanism
[Free] Enable user to enter and update license
[Free] Enable user to enter license in the installation
[Free] Enable user to reach Answers, Developers and Support through the control panel
[Free] Enable user to see warnings and more detailed info about its support plan
[Sliders] Add automatically generated ranges from sliders
[UI] Add a default sort option on the CoveoSearch control
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Messages constantly stuck in RabbitMQ 00018767

September 2014 - v 3.0.721

New Features
Analytics - Add UI to configure the Cloud Analytics in the CoveoSearch control
[Analytics] Addition of a map that transfers received analytics data to the corresponding Sitecore event
[Analytics] Send current Sitecore username to the Cloud Analytics
[Analytics] Support both Analytics at the same time
Sliders - Add support for slider facets [more]
[Sliders] Add support for date in sliders
[Sliders] Add support for value captions in sliders
[Sliders] Add validation for sliders
[Sliders] Create new component to support Sliders
UI - Marketers can add a Search Box control to a page using the page editor
[UI] Enable user to add Search Box as component in Sitecore page
UI - Support advanced options of Facet Ranges
[Facet Range] Add support for date in custom ranges
[Facet Range] Add validation for Facet Range Items
[Facet Range] Support custom ranges in Range facets [more]
[Configuration] Use the InitializeOnAdd configuration option added in Sitecore 7.2
[External Content] Enable user to use system fields
[Fields] Enable a user to create non-Sitecore computed fields
[LINQ] Add GetAllResults extension to support iterating on all the Coveo results [more]
[MVC] Enable user to use MVC Resources Component
[Personalization] Create search-related personalization rule [more]
[Search Provider] Find a way to better handle clickable URIs
[Search Provider] Enable user to use OOTB Computed Fields for image links and alt
[Search Provider] Support default Document Type Set
Fixed Support Cases Case
ArgumentNullException when opening the Page editor 00018280

August 2014 - v 3.0.639

New Features
[UI] Add support for date and numeric facets [more]
[UI] Add support for date type fields
[UI] Add support for float type fields
[UI] Create new a component to support range facets
[UI] Add validation in UI components
[UI] Add validation for rules when using contains or ends with
[Configuration] Change the casing of Coveo config to match Sitecore's default config
[Configuration] Support relative certificate paths [more]
[Configuration] The search provider config file should contain elements for default options
[UI] Add default rules to the Coveo Search
[UI] Allow configuring the facet icon from the Page Editor [more]
[UI] Enhance default result template
Fixed Support Cases Cas
AdminService has exceeded the allotted timeout 00018143
Exception thrown when publishing an Item - Coveo.UI.PipelineProcessors.PublishItem.AddDataSourceItems 00017974
Getting an exception on every Sitecore item from a specific site 00017943
Rules to filter content will also filter out results from external sources 00018147
Unable to rebuild/refresh after upgrading Coveo 00017861

July 2014 - v 3.0.558

New Features
[Configuration] Enable a user to configure the Collection Name [more]
[Configuration] Support configuration of a new separator for multi-value fields [more]
[Indexing] Improve indexing performance
[LINQ] Support the global LINQ filters from Sitecore 7.2 [more]
[Plugins] Support Sitecore's Glass Mapper
[Rules] Implement a real "equal" rule
[Search Provider] Set FileType correctly on documents
[Search Provider] Support mixed search provider in Sitecore
[UI] Change the Sort component icon
[UI] Create three distinct Sort components
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Support Sitecore Content Delivery (CD) environment for querying secured content [more] 00017739
Item being filtered out wrongly using a language based inbound filter 00018018

June 2014 - v 3.0.532

New Features
Add a Coveo diagnostic page in Sitecore [more]
[Diagnostic] Create Coveo diagnostic page in Sitecore
Add some frequently requested rules [more]
[Rules] Add rule: Where item has layout
[Rules] Add rule: Where items is child of this "specific" item
[Rules] Create groups for the rules
Add support for Basic DMS-based rules [more]
[Personalization] Add rule to leverage current pattern card on profile cards
[Personalization] Add rules that leverage profile cards or profile keys
[Personalization] Enable results to be adjusted according to current pattern card automatically
[Personalization] Enable user to configure automatic boosting via UI [more]
[Personalization] Leverage Sitecore personalization capabilities to work with the Coveo components [more]
Add support for mobile devices
[Mobile] Add MVC layout for mobile
[Mobile] Add support for mobile JS UI
Create a set of MVC search controls
[MVC] Create Models and Views for Coveo Components
[MVC] Extract Coveo for Sitecore JavaScript into its own module
[MVC] Integrate the new template fields into models
[MVC] Support server validations in the MVC components
[MVC] Update the WebForm components to share JavaScript with MVC components
[MVC] In the Page Editor allow components that matches the current method WebForm or MVC
Improve Search Provider performance
[Performance] Improve IndexSummary performance
Index the Profile card on Sitecore items
[DMS] Enable Search Provider to add profile card details on items
Log our Analytics in the Sitecore DMS [more]
[Analytics] Add Coveo's Analytics Events in Sitecore
[Analytics] Catch the Coveo analytics events in the REST service and add them in Sitecore's DMS
[Analytics] Change the REST endpoint to support the new JS Search analytics API
[Analytics] Investigate Sitecore's pipelines to intercept page events
[Analytics] Send the analytics data through POST instead of GET
[Analytics] Support a real REST interface through MVC
[Analytics] Handle additional analytics events
[Analytics] Better support for custom analytics and document views events
Support Sitecore 7.1 Update 2 with the Sitecore Search Provider [more]
Support Sitecore 7.2 with the Sitecore Search Provider [more]
[Rebuild] Enable a user to trigger a Rebuild in Sitecore 7.2
[Search] Implement the new abstract methods added in Sitecore 7.2
[Crawling] Support InboundFilters [more]
[Parameters] Cleanup the parameters for the Search and Sort components
[Template] Add a template parameter to the HTML content processor
[Packages] Better support of different Sitecore versions, one package per major version
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Index name changes when switching the Sitecore database 00017459
Documents get indexed multiple times 00017520
Top Result flag not available in REST API search results 00017247
Getting FailedToImpersonateUsersException error when 10+ users are accessing the Site 00017579
FieldValue component does not link facet values 00017373
RabbitMQ idle. Target machine actively refused the connection ([5] Mantis 20729) 00017540
Breadcrumb displays original field value instead of the lookup field value ([6] Mantis 20760) 00017622
Field continuously gets created 00017144
Issue with the language of the facet value in Coveo for Sitecore 00017349
Queue crawler exception when Enabling live monitoring on Core database 00017231
Site Hostname creates a URI cannot be determined error during the indexing 00017309
Upgrading to build 6424 sets Anonymous security to allowed 00017023

April 2014 - v 3.0.381

New Features
[Content Processor] Support specifying the fields to process in the Basic HTML Content Processor
[Layout] Support responsive layout
[Parameters] Add the new parameters section to the custom experience button
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Error while indexing Coveo for Sitecore: hexadecimal value [9x99,] is an invalid character 00016684

March 2014 - v 3.0.349

New Features
Add global (per site) boosting and filtering rules
[Content Editor] Enable Sitecore boost to be performed in Coveo results in the Content Editor
Improve documentation
[Facets] Implement and document a custom facet required by
Secure the Admin Service
[Sitecore] Enable Sitecore Search Provider to use AdminService Security
Sitecore2 - Use default proxy for web requests to get HTML body
[Sitecore2] Use default proxy for web requests to get HTML body
Support Forms Authentication in the extraction of HTML content
[Authentication] Add Form Authentication to the HTML extractor
Support more new features from the Update 1 & 2
[Index] Make the index Inherit from AbstractSearchIndex
[Queries] Support the predefined queries attribute
[Page Editor] Enable a user to add an external source via the Page Editor
Fixed Support Cases Cas

February 2014 - v 3.0.343

New Features
Handle more LINQ operations
[Query] Implement the ThenBy sorting operator
Improve documentation
[Documentation] Add user agent in HTML content fetcher
[AdminService] Be able to configure a foreign key (i.e. for airport code/name)
[Landing Page] Manage promo cards by search
Fixed Support Cases Case