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Coveo JavaScript Search 0.9 - Release Notes

This topic summarizes the new features and fixed support cases included in each Coveo JavaScript Search (JsSearch) release (see À propos de l'interface de recherche JavaScript de Coveo).

June+ 2014 - v 0.9

Starting from June 2014, the JavaScript Search release notes are available from the Coveo Developers site (see JavaScript Search - Release Notes).

May 20, 2014 - v 0.9.757

New Features
Preference Panel [more]
[Results] Result Preference Panel
[Results] UT for preference panel
[Results] UT for preference filter
[Results] Visual/UX change to preference panel
[Results] Add a dropdown/multiselect for tabs
Fixed Support Cases Cas
FieldValue component does not link facet values 00017373

May 2014 - v 0.9.715

New Features
Expose event allowing usage of analytics by Sitecore
[Analytics] Expose event allowing usage of Analytics by Sitecore
Facet optimized for ranges [more]
[Facets] Adapt the facet range class so it works correctly with a slider
[Facets] Add a slider widget
[Facets] Add unit tests for the facet slider
[Facets] Graph over slider to show distribution
[Facets] Handle breadcrumb & query state when there is a slider
Support opening emails in Outlook
[Results] Open emails in Outlook using either @sysoutlookuri or @sysoutlookuriformac
[Analytics] Add the title of the document on analytics document view event
[Analytics] Fix problems with analytics client
[Analytics] Use Analytics V6 version
[CSS] Change the feedback (normal & hover) for replies
[Facets] Split facet list of values into separate class
[Mobile & Desktop] Adjust the drop-shadows and the borders for all the dropdowns
[Mobile & Desktop] Change the icon for the interfaces and the facets
[Results] Have state arguments in the result template
[Search Box] Search box outside of search page sending searches to search page
Fixed Support Cases Case
Coveo for Sitecore: Browser-back from result fails when facet was selected 00017359
Top Result flag not available in REST API search results 00017247

April 2014 - v 0.9.640

New Features
Allow to auto-initialize components external to the SearchInterface
[Components] Add a new option externalComponents on the init call
Attachments in folding [more]
[Results] Handle attachment inside attachments
[Results] Support attachments in folding
Enhance mobile performance
[Mobile] Add sample mobile package to product
Improved email result template
[Results] Update email result templates
JS UI adjustments and tweaks
[Facets] Change the sort by in facet with new design [more]
[Fields] Add support for fieldsToInclude and fieldsToExclude in JS UI + REST
Out-of-the-box KB tab in Salesforce UI with automatic facets depending on categories
[Facets] Prototype hierarchical facet for KB categories [more]
Support explicit allowed values for facets [more]
[Facets] Add a new option on facet for allowed values
Support hit highlighting in Quick View
[QuickView] Support hit highlighting
Tab component should support using Constant Expression [more]
[Tabs] Tab component should support using Constant Expression

March 2014 - v 0.9.511

New Features
ImageResultList component to support image search
[Results] Add ImageResultList to JsSearch UI [more]
[Facets] Add a lookup field to the facets
[Facets] Add support for range values in REST API
Fixed Support Cases Case
$('#myFacet').coveo('getDisplayedValues'):string[] returning only the HTML DOM 00015616

February 2014 - v 0.9.499

New Features
JS UI Adjustments and tweaks
[Cache] Automatically register inline templates with ID in the cache
[Query] Add support for disjunction queries
Type ahead on result and Analytics
[Query Suggest] Suggestions on a field
[Query Suggest] Suggestions on Analytics
[Security] Support the search token

January 2014 - v 0.9.342

New Features
New metrics for analytics
[Analytics] Add device and Interface to the analytics search event
[Analytics] Add documentUriHash and searchQueryUiD
Small adjustments and tweaks
[Facets] Change the sort by in facet with new design
[Facets] Update breadcrumb icon for facet (new colors)
[Fields] Add support for automatic field generation
[Mobile] Update searchmobile.html (template and CSS)
[Omnibox] Change the Omnibox style to new mockup (v2)
[Query] Add QueryBox option to transform query into $some expression when number of keywords exceeds a value
[Query] Add option to only parse operator in uppercase in REST API
[Results] Make top result section responsive (summary and sort)
[Template] Add a way to specify a default template as a fall back
[Template] Arrange for ResultLink not to override the href is already present
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Adding a sort field in Cloud Salesforce view 00015030
Handle opening a tab already opened when clicking on an article 00015789
Highlighting is causing HTML to be visible in the tab 00015817
Invalid style in JsSearch CSS 00015028
Opening the document in a sub-tab within the context of a case 00015829