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Coveo .NET Front-End 12.0 - Release Notes

This topic summarizes the new features and fixed support cases included in each Coveo .NET Front-End monthly release (see À propos du cycle de parution de la Plateforme Coveo).

June 2015 - v 12.0.1242

New Features
Usage Analytics - Add support of Cloud UA in .NET UI [more]
Fail-over logic - Implement solution
Make the QueryFunction available in .NET UI
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Export to Excel feature not working 00020015
End users can all see the Edit this interface option under Do more 00021701
This page can't be displayed error - Accessing SP Office file with .NET UI & IE10 browser 00024980
ResultPresenceIndicator not showing correct status 00025319

February 2015 - v 12.0.1100

New Features
Improvement for the Audience deletion message
[QuickView] Support for titles too long (trim title in the header)
[Facets] Hide search box in range facets
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Unable to display Coveo search Box in SharePoint 00020157

January 2015 - v 12.0.1095

New Features
Remove Quick View feature in SharePoint 2013 when not in search results
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Clearing all the facets using the mobile interface causes Object reference error 00019484
Occurrence count on facets value does not match returned result for keyword "sans" 00018973

November 2014 - v 12.0.998

Fixed Support Cases Cas
Cannot find target control for server method call: h$Mobile_32_Email$ctl00$vh$ctl04$nav2 00018674
.NET UI issue with the back button in Safari 00018761

October 2014 - v 12.0.992

Fixed Support Cases Cas
Debug feature not working on build 6196.3 00018553

September 2014 - v 12.0.960

New Features
SharePoint - Web Part to configure scopes [more]
[SharePoint Scopes] A SharePoint site administrator can configure the scopes that will appear in the scope selector
[SharePoint Scopes] A SharePoint site administrator can decide to hide or show the search scope selector
[SharePoint Scopes] A SharePoint site administrator can reach the dialog for scope definition for the global Search Box
[SharePoint Scopes] A SharePoint site administrator can reach the dialog for scope definition from the Search Box Web Part
[SharePoint Scopes] A SharePoint user can use the scopes in the facet control
[SharePoint Scopes] A SharePoint user must be able to easily select an available search scopes for the current site
[SharePoint Scopes] A site administrator can add specific scopes to its site
Fixed Support Cases Case
Unable to see SharePoint collection after configuring Claims 00018291

August 2014 - v 12.0.910

Fixed Support Cases Cas
Issues with nested queries in June build 00018144
URLs from version 6.5 appear not compatible in version 12 00018276
TypeError: $p0 is null 00017717

July 2014 - v 12.0.856

New Features
[Administration Tool] Rename the previous Quick View and the new Quick View to more easily distinguish them
[Administration Tool] Allow to open related pages in another browser tab
[Search Interface] Allow enabling fuzzy search [more]
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Calling the REST API from a SharePoint integration 00017711
Conflicting message when the system is in read-only 00017703
Disabling the mobile detection 00017850
No SharePoint results with Claims 00016188
Remote index UI error when connecting from PC 00015588
sc=CurrentSharePointList in CustomData field returning all SharePoint content 00017481

June 2014 - v 12.0.844

Fixed Support Cases Cas
Cannot access the custom skin because of get_UsingClaimsTokenAuthentication error 00017677
Eraser does not disappear in table result interface 00016621
Mobile Salesforce gives advanced JavaScript error 00017176
Remove Coveo Search Box from SharePoint 00017794
Time format in logs shown incorrectly in the Admin Tool if the AM/PM symbols are not set in Windows regional settings 00017032
Eliminating XSS vulnerability 00017827

May 2014 - v 12.0.777

New Features
Add a global option to enable/disable the search debug information
[Search Interface] Do not display the debug information when global option is disabled
Exchange - Improve OWA clickables and Breadcrumbs for Exchange 2013 (UI)
[Exchange] Search must use Outlook URIs matching the client's OS
Sharepoint Claims SSO - Setup improvement
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] Add support for multiple identityReceiverUrl in SharePoint [more]
[REST API] Added the isTopResult flag to the results
Fixed Support Cases Case
CSS file automatic replacement with FE 614 00015768
Field completion showing despite no values 00016678
Labels for range facets not working 00017357
No interface defined using iPad on client website 00017333

April 2014 - v 12.0.716

New Features
[Search Interface] Beautifying big numbers in dynamic ranges [more]
[Search Interface] Beautifying date type and fields in facets
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Conflict between Newtonsoft DLL and Coveo.CNL.ThirdParties.dll 00016685
Folder link doesn't work for Desktop connector content 00015849
IE11 Compatibility issue 00015749
Parsing error when searching with square brackets 00015850
SharePoint Claims SSO returns error "CryptographicException: The profile for the user is a temporary profile" 00016352

March 2014 - v 12.0.664

New Features
Add a redirection link to have direct access to Usage Analytics
[Analytics] Add a page in the Analytics directory to redirect on the interface
Usage Analytics - Add support for the .NET UI to log in the new Usage Analytics
[Analytics] Add a config section for analytics in the Configure Front-End section
[Analytics] Add a new analytics endpoint in the config
[Analytics] Add missing metadata in the log action data needed in the Cloud Platform
[Analytics] Add models to reflect the objects in the cloud
[Analytics] Change the device depending on the current browser
[Analytics] Encrypt tokens in the config file and credentials
[Analytics] Map the action types strings to the one used in the cloud
[Analytics] Refresh the access token when it is expired
[Analytics] Send the analytics logs to the cloud instead of the old DB
Fixed Support Cases Case
Deutsche translation typo in searchstring.xml 00014660

February 2014 - v 12.0.614

New Features
SharePoint - The user can search a SharePoint configured in Windows-Claims without login, without external ADFS [more]
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] Add Claims compression on SharePoint and front-end sides
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] Add Claims encryption on SharePoint and front-end sides
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] Add required attributes in the front-end web.config
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] Allow web.config identityProviderUrl configuration from front-end first-time setup page
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] Create HTTP redirect loop outside of SharePoint
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] Gather all the Claims in the Claims Provider SharePoint page
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] Move the Claims Provider page in SharePoint
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] Perform auto login in the front-end with the received Claims from SharePoint
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] Send Claims from the Claims Provider SharePoint page to the front-end
[Auto non-ADFS Claims Login] The Claim token public and private keys are not stored in clear text on the servers file system
Fixed Support Cases Case
Credential prompts on result-click on iPad 00014369
IE10: facet search box shows two X 00014428
License expired message - Use the Coveo search box inserted in the upper-right corner 00015317
SearchHelpUri in Front-End web.config: Index was out of range 00015379
Users seeing restricted contents from GDI-ed mirror 00015578
Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) required even without Claims 00014707

January 2014 - v 12.0.537

New Features
Analytics UI/Admin/Interface Editor must be accessible in non-NTLM environment
[Analytic Dashboard] Analytics UI must be accessible in non-NTLM environment
[Interface Editor] Interface Editor must be accessible in non-NTLM environment
Fixed Support Cases Cas
Query suggestion not functioning on iPad 00015128