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Desktop Integration Package 12.0 - Release Notes

This topic summarizes the new features and fixed support cases included in each Desktop Integration Package (DIP) monthly release (see Trousse d'applications intégrées).

June 2015 - v 12.0.1341

Fixed Support Cases Case
Getting DIP error when trying to disable the DIP 00021835

September 2014 - v 12.0.887

Fixed Support Case Case
Search interface missing ins Coveo DIP side bar 00018485

July 2014 - v 12.0.786

Fixed Support Cases Cas
DIP has stopped unexpectedly 00017257
Salesforce UI not returning results in the Outlook DIP 00017766

April 2014 - v 12.0.618

New Features
Collapsible Sidebar [more]
[Outlook Sidebar] Add collapse button when the Sidebar is expanded
[Outlook Sidebar] Add Coveo search box in the ribbon
[Outlook Sidebar] Apply new look of collapsed Sidebar
[Outlook Sidebar] Create the collapsed Sidebar frame
[Outlook Sidebar] Create Web controls to display information inside the collapsed Sidebar
[Outlook Sidebar] Integrate basic elements inside the collapsible Sidebar frame
[Outlook Sidebar] Redesign the ribbon